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The hit in the throat and its importance in the vape

You inhale the vapour from your electronic cigarette. At the same time, you feel something pass through your throat and cause you a peculiar sensation.

A bit like when you smoke a classic cigarette, you feel like a scrape when you inhale your vapor.

You come to discover the famous throat hit .

An inseparable part of a successful vape, the hit is the tingling sensation that hits your palate and throat the moment you take your puff.

The hit is a must for good vapes. Without it, your steaming experience is much less enjoyable. Thanks to him, you have the impression of inhaling something.

Vaping owes its success to the intensity of this hit . Sometimes too strong or not enough, discover everything there is to know about this incomparable sensation.

We explain how it works and how to influence it to live your best vaping experience.

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The batteries: operation and characteristics

From the vaper’s memory, the batteries have long remained a mystery, an essential component of equipment with a “non-integrated” battery, but whose characteristics have long remained unclear. 

What does all this information mean? How does a battery work? Where does the danger we hear about come from?

These questions, you have to ask yourself at least once to make sure you vape in a safe and controlled way. Some things about batteries are good to know, others are crucial. In both cases, a little remedial course is always welcome to “put the cart behind the horse”!

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In the different steps to completely quit smoking, but also vaping, we call vaping without nicotine. You are probably asking yourself the question, should I vape without nicotine, can I vape without nicotine and what is the point. We take stock together around nicotine-free vaping.

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Are you interested in the world of vaping and considering switching to electronic cigarettes  to quit smoking ? It’s a very good decision! To help you take the plunge optimally and choose the right vaping material, Nicovip explains the difference between direct inhalation (DL) and indirect inhalation (MTL) .

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Atomizers: the vape is also a lot of wind

Or more exactly a matter of airflow. In the discovery phase, you will also be tempted to try different types of atomizers.

Looking for what will suit you to quit smoking…

The sensation you are looking for is then the result of several parameters:

  • the hit (tingling in the throat);
  • the draw (more or less aerial);
  • the temperature of the steam, more or less hot;
  • the volume of vapour produced.

Keep in mind that a good vape is a point of balance, what we call the “sweet spot”. These four parameters cannot, therefore, be isolated, they are interdependent and all four influence the overall sensation that you will obtain.

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Over the years, manufacturers of vaping equipment have expanded their offer by imagining new types of electronic cigarettes. Despite the diversity of formats offered, all e-cigarette models continue to operate according to an immutable principle: a battery delivers electricity to a resistor which, by heating, will allow the vaporization of the e-liquid contained in the tank. However, each model has its ergonomics and characteristics that will meet the needs and expectations of different profiles of vapers, from beginners to the most experienced.

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From its first appearance in the year 2000 until today, the electronic cigarette has undergone many changes. It is enough to see the current market to realize this and above all, to recognize that the range has undergone clear changes. The time of the cigar-likes seems distant today since, on the shelves of specialized brands, we only see mods. And here again, there are various categories: mechanics and electronics. Before differentiating them, you should know that the budget is not the same for the two products. We advise you to view our article to know the costs of the electronic cigarette. So you are tempted by a mecha mod or an electronic box? We are going to answer how to choose your electronic cigarette in 2022.

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