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The battery is an essential part of the proper functioning of an electronic cigarette. However, batteries have a limited lifespan and it can be difficult to determine when it is useful or essential to replace them. Discover the signs that will tell you when to change the batteries of your electronic cigarette.

How do you know if a battery is at the end of its life? 

The 18650 and other batteries we use have a variable lifespan, generally between 300 and 500 complete charge-discharge cycles. These figures remain very approximate because the lifespan of the batteries depends enormously on the use made of them.

  • A battery is used when its performance drops and is no longer satisfactory. The most obvious sign is a gradual loss of battery capacity which results in an increasingly poor range.
  • A used battery also sees its internal resistance increase, which makes it heat up more. If your battery gets hotter than usual during normal use, it’s probably at the end of its life.

As you will have understood, if you notice a drop in the capacity of your battery or an increase in its temperature , you will know that it is time to turn to new accumulators .

The protective plastic of your battery is damaged

The change of a battery for e-cigarette can also intervene following a degradation of the latter.

The plastic that surrounds the accumulator acts as an insulator. If it is damaged, the risk of a short circuit is real.

You then have two options:  

  1. Obtain spare sleeves to replace deteriorated insulation. This is an easy operation to perform and only takes a few minutes.
  2. Simply replace the battery. 

Do not take any risks and do not hesitate to act as soon as the protection of your battery is no longer intact! 

Dark traces are visible on the accumulator

It is possible that the battery has dark traces, after a certain time of use, visible in particular if the sleeve is transparent. It is generally linked to humidity or e-liquid which has managed to infiltrate between the plastic and the battery. By removing the sleeve, you can analyze the battery and make the right decision. 

  • The traces leave with a cloth and the surface of the battery remains smooth: we advise you to simply clean your battery as well as possible and to replace a new sleeve. It’s only colouring that has not reached the very structure of the battery.
  • The metal of the battery is attacked and its surface is rusty: changing the battery will be the only solution. 

An impact is present on your battery 

The replacement of the battery will also be necessary if an impact is present on the body of the battery . Regardless of the size of the impact and its depth, the battery will need to be replaced as it may explode at one level or another of discharge. It’s a question of safety!

Respect your batteries and do not hesitate to change them at the slightest doubt. There is no need to take risks.

Don’t throw away your batteries!

Batteries are polluting and can be dangerous. They must be recycled and go through a special treatment circuit. Moreover, many stores and supermarkets have used battery depots, so do not hesitate to bring them back during your shopping and put them in the box.