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Distinct taste disorders

Indeed, if you are a vaper, you have probably already gone through this stage: a feeling of having lost your taste. Given the complexity of our body, our olfactory, sensory and taste system is also quite complicated. They may present the following functional disorders:

  • Ageusia: which can be temporary, some aromas are not identifiable by the taste buds. It then becomes impossible to distinguish sweet, sour or salty.
  • Hypogeusia: this disorder can be partial or total.
  • Dysgeusia: this disorder is presented by a total or partial distortion of taste. The taste of an aroma suddenly becomes different.

Phantogueusia: this consists in feeling non-existent flavours of food or a dish.

The origins of olfactory-gustatory disorders

If you have just started vaping, it is completely normal for you to experience taste perception disorders. This is also one of the most famous signs of withdrawal.

The various ingredients in tobacco tend to saturate your taste buds, which causes your mouth to dry out, so less saliva, which leads to abnormal predigestion of food. As a result, when you switch to vaping, you may experience hypergeusia. Since you stopped smoking tobacco, your olfactory and gustatory functions are in full awakening and give you the impression that the aromas and odours increase in very strong proportions. This is how you will find gourmet flavours that are too sweet, fruity ones that are too acidic, minty, and a tad too fresh.

Either on the contrary, you can be a victim of hypogeusia, that is to say, that, when you smoked, your taste buds and your nasal passages have become so accustomed to flavours and smells that are too strong, that when you switch to vaping which turns out to be more tender and softer, you have a feeling of not feeling anything anymore.

In general, beginner vapers tend to try a variety of liquids to find the ideal vape, veterans pick up bottles in search of the perfect juice. In any case, in both situations, your papillary system is exhausted.

Just like indigestion because we are too full, the taste buds become encumbered when they are faced with too many aromas. In addition, you should know that the overdose of aromas and the flow of vaping contributes to the appearance of olfactory-digestive disorders. Your vape frequency is not the same as when you smoked.

The solutions

Staying hydrated is one of the first things to do when your mucous membranes dry out. It is also recommended to take a step back from some complex recipes that are very rich in flavour. It is better to opt for simpler or neutral liquids.

Know that these recommendations to avoid olfactory-digestive disorders do not prevent you from seeing a doctor, especially if these irritations drag on over time.