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The hit in the throat and its importance in the vape

You inhale the vapour from your electronic cigarette. At the same time, you feel something pass through your throat and cause you a peculiar sensation.

A bit like when you smoke a classic cigarette, you feel like a scrape when you inhale your vapor.

You come to discover the famous throat hit .

An inseparable part of a successful vape, the hit is the tingling sensation that hits your palate and throat the moment you take your puff.

The hit is a must for good vapes. Without it, your steaming experience is much less enjoyable. Thanks to him, you have the impression of inhaling something.

Vaping owes its success to the intensity of this hit . Sometimes too strong or not enough, discover everything there is to know about this incomparable sensation.

We explain how it works and how to influence it to live your best vaping experience.

Definition: The “hit”, what is it?

You feel a sort of scraping or tingling sound which, if too strong, can cause you to cough.

The hit accompanies each puff and manifests itself when the vapour passes through your throat (from the moment you pull the tip of your e-cig).

When you consume a regular tobacco cigarette, you experience a similar sensation when inhaling the smoke. The effect can even be irritating. The hit takes up this feeling close to that of the cigarette, but using steam.

It is particularly popular and sought after by vapers. Why? Because it makes all the difference between an innocuous, even ineffective vaping, and an extraordinary vaping .

The importance of the hit on the throat

The hit is important in the vape. It is he who gives you the impression of swallowing something during the aspiration. Without it, you would have the unpleasant sensation of blowing air without any effect.

The throat hit allows you to anchor your vaping experience in reality. The vapor becomes more consistent and allows you to feel it better.

But above all, and the most important in the hit, is the similarity between the hit of the classic cigarette and that of the e-cigarette. Rediscovering a familiar tingling sensation when you pull the drip tip of your e-cig is necessary.

As you know, the primary purpose of the electronic cigarette is to recreate the perceptions of the classic tobacco cigarette.

The big advantage is that the first removes all harmful substances from the second, such as carbon monoxide or tar.

The inhaled vapour, by recreating the hit of the traditional cigarette, does not disturb the smoker who has just become a vaper. It makes the vaping experience more pleasant and familiar.

The smoker, even when he decides to stop smoking, is in constant search of this throat hit which constitutes absolutely all his experience with tobacco smoke.

With the throat hit in the vape, the transition from tobacco cigarette to e-cigarette becomes easier and less confusing for the vaper. The feelings are similar.

We give you a little tip! To better prepare you for this all-vapour experience, choose a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid.

In addition to finding the hit in the throat, you feel familiar aromas that make you experience sensations to which you are accustomed.

In this way, you begin a gradual and gentle transition from cigarettes to e-cigs, which are all the same better for your health.

Did you know? The throat hit is not what you think…

Did you know that the hit we know today is actually totally artificial? Yes, it was the cigarette manufacturers who created the hit. We explain.

Basically, the tobacco plant is completely inedible when burned to be inhaled. In order to be able to make it the essential ingredient of the cigarette, its leaves require a chemical treatment via a specific technique called flue-curing .

This consists of modifying the chemical balance of the tobacco leaves. The latter, green at first, begin to turn yellow (we then speak of blond tobacco ). Their natural sugar level increases and the PH in turn is altered, becoming more alkaline.

Once burned, the tobacco gives off a smoother and much more absorbable smoke than the original. Without this method of flue-curing, the cigarette would be completely unfit for consumption. Inhaling its smoke would be so painful that no one would dare to try.

It was researchers who, in 1839 and by accident, discovered this method of chemical treatment making it possible to inhale tobacco smoke. It is also thanks to flue-curing that you do not cough with each aspiration.

Initially, therefore, the “natural” throat hit of tobacco is so strong that it would be impossible to smoke it. The hit in the throat that we currently know and that smokers and vapers seek in their vape, is artificial and caused by the chemicals used to sweeten the smoke.

As you can imagine, part of the addiction is also due to this hit, which makes it so important to vapers.

Although studies are underway to find a non-addictive alternative to this sensation, it is undeniable that, to ensure a successful transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the hit in goge has a role to play.

According to some researchers, the use of liquids for menthol tobacco e-cigarettes would make it possible to find a feeling close to the smoker’s hit, without causing addiction. However, these are assumptions that remain to be proven.

What creates the hit?

Instinctively, the vape professional, and with good reason, will tell you that it is the nicotine that causes the hit in the throat. And it is true!

However, it’s not just nicotine. Other factors, primarily the ingredients of your e-liquid, come into play when it comes to creating your hit.

The synergy of all these elements makes it possible to recreate this sensation essential to the vaper and even more necessary for those who are new to the world of vaping.

In summary, what creates the hit is:

  • Nicotine
  • The ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin
  • His way of vaping


Nicotine is an alkaloid (organic plant substance) naturally derived from the tobacco leaf. It is a particularly oily material, colorless and known for its addictive effects.

Indeed, nicotine causes long-term more or less significant dependence disorders on the human body.

Its main effects are the over-excitation of the peripheral and central nerves. It is a powerful psychoactive substance.

Nicotine leads to physical dependence on tobacco. For smokers, stimulation of nicotinic receptors releases dopamine in the brain (the nucleus accumbens, the reward circuit). It is this molecule that causes addiction.

Nicotine and electronic cigarettes

The use of nicotine in the electronic cigarette makes it possible to counterbalance the effects of stopping smoking.

Thus, the vaper can reduce his consumption of conventional cigarettes while experiencing no lack related to the absorption of nicotine.

This is directly integrated into the composition of your e-liquids.

The latter, we remind you, are poured and fill the pyrex reservoir of your clearomiser. When you activate your mod, an electrical power stimulates the resistance which will then heat the liquid in the tank.

This, thanks to the Joule effect, is transformed into vapour. You then inhale it as it travels up the chimney and into the drip tip of the in.

Different nicotine levels are possible. The vaper chooses a dose of nicotine adapted to his usual tobacco consumption. This step is essential in order not to risk the overdose of nicotine, or on the contrary the lack.

Choosing the right nicotine level

The more regular tobacco cigarettes you smoke, the more nicotine you will need in your e-liquid. As a reminder :

  • 4mg/ml of nicotine = 10 to 15 cigarettes per day
  • 8mg/ml of nicotine = 15 to 20 cigarettes per day
  • 11mg/ml of nicotine = 20 to 30 cigarettes per day
  • 18mg/ml of nicotine = more than 30 cigarettes per day

Do not hesitate to seek advice from vaping professionals present online and in stores.

Depending on your average cigarette consumption, you will get the ideal rate adapted to your profile.

The risks of an incorrect dosage

A nicotine dosage not adapted to your consumption can have several effects.

In case of surplus, the hit in the throat will be much too strong . Your vaping will become impossible. You will cough and your throat will be very irritated.

In addition, you may experience the adverse effects of overdose:

  • headache
  • nausea
  • dizziness

In case of too low a dose, you will feel absolutely no effect. The hit will be less or even non-existent and you may experience the lack of nicotine.

The dosage is therefore essential and must be a real step in your thinking as a vaper when choosing your e-liquid bottle.

Throat hit and nicotine

Nicotine influences throat hit . As you have understood, the higher the nicotine level, the more powerful the hit in the throat.

The ideal, if you are in a process of gradual weaning from tobacco, is to gradually reduce the doses of nicotine present in the composition of your liquids.

Unlike the classic cigarette where the rate is pre-established and inherent to tobacco consumption, the electronic cigarette allows you to choose your dosage.

We even offer custom-made e-liquids based on your vaping preferences and personal needs.

Propylene glycol

Key ingredient in the composition of your liquids for electronic cigarettes, propylene glycol also influences the hit in the throat.

The latter allows you to accentuate the rendering of the aromas of your vapor. With its essential ally vegetable glycerin, PG influences the overall feel of the vape.

The higher the propylene glycol level, the more powerful the hit . However, the vapor production is lower compared to a High VG e-liquid with a higher dose of vegetable glycerin.

The flavours are infinitely delicious and made to tickle your throat with a thousand and one steamy pleasures.

vegetable glycerin

Another big star in the composition of e-liquids, vegetable glycerin is the darling of cloud chasers .

Those cloud chasers always looking for a way to increase their vapor supply, love the VG for it. It produces a monstrous amount of vapour!

On the other hand, it tends to reduce the hit in the throat . Unless you want to tone it down, a High VG e-liquid results in a smoother vape with a less aromatic and less punchy vapor in the throat.

The aromas accentuate the hit

The aromas of your e-liquids have the ability to accentuate your hit in the throat. Depending on which ones you choose, you can feel it even better when inhaling.

Prefer fresh liquids for e-cigarettes, such as minty or fruity ones. The more freshness you seek, the more intense your throat hit is likely to be.

The voltage of the electronic cigarette

Yes, it’s not just the composition of your e-liquids that creates the hit in the throat. Although it does not have a fundamental role in the appearance of this sensation, the adjustment of the voltage can intensify the hit.

The higher the power delivered by your mod, the stronger the hit. Be careful, however, you must have a vape device suitable for high voltage.

Don’t risk blowing up your Ego stick with this kind of technique.

Influencing his throat hit

Vapers may seek to influence their throats hit. And there are several techniques to meet this desire or this need.

Be aware, however, that in the long term and as part of gradual weaning from tobacco (be careful, the electronic cigarette is not a medicine or a unique remedy against stopping smoking, be sure to talk to your doctor first ), the ideal is to be able to do without the hit in the throat.

The more you try to reduce it, the more you detox from the addiction of the latter.

Decrease the hit

To reduce your throat hit while maintaining stable nicotine and propylene glycol levels, you can opt for a clearomizer with adjustable airflows (air inlet).

An airy, even supra-airy draw of steam necessarily softens the feeling in the throat. Comfort when vaping is lighter.

Indeed, the clearomiser of your vapour is made up of air inlets, also called airflow, which you can adjust in such a way as to modulate the flow of air that you inhale.

The more your airflow is open, the more air you let through. Thus, your draw is aerial and the temperature of the vapor is less hot than usual. Vaping is getting smoother.

It is also possible to use e-liquids with a composition with a higher dose of vegetable glycerin. As we have seen, this ingredient reduces the scraping sensation felt by vapers when they take a puff of vapour. You just have to be careful to choose the right material, the high VG is not suitable for all electronic cigarettes.

Nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are the most natural form of nicotine from tobacco leaves. The classic nicotine present in e-liquids is transformed and purified. It has undergone several chemical treatments before being incorporated into ecig liquids.

Nicotine salts are based on the nicotine base of e-liquids, to which an acid is added. These are closer to the organic nicotine found in the tobacco leaf.

You must have a suitable vape device to be able to use them. However, their effect is much more tenuous when the vapor passes through the throat. The hit is therefore more subtle and less powerful than with classic e-liquid.

Nicotine salts are often recommended for vapers who have sensitive throats that get irritated with vaping. They are softer and more easily absorbed.

Increase hit

To increase the hit of your vape, you can take two different paths:

  • Choose the MTL vape with a tight draw and strong nicotine e-liquids to accentuate the feeling in the throat.

MTL clearomizers or atomizers are made for the tight draw. These are generally less powerful and require resistors with a value greater than 1 ohm (it nevertheless depends on the clearomisers).

The volume of vapour inhaled is thinner, but the hit is easily controllable. It is therefore ideal if you are looking to increase the intensity of your hit in the throat.

The MTL vape accompanied by nicotine allows you to influence your throat hit in such a way as to make it stronger.

With this type of electronic cigarette, you can also choose higher nicotine levels than with clearomizers suitable for the DL vape.

  • Choose the DL vape and lower your nicotine dose to keep a powerful hit while continuing your weaning.

The DL vape is a way of vaping that sends the vapor directly into the lungs, on the same principle as the shisha.

The more experienced vaper appreciates it especially because it brings much more sensations than the MTL version while calmly lowering its dose of nicotine.

DL clearomizers are mostly equipped with sub-ohm resistors. It is thanks to this that the magic of the hit operates. And that even with small doses of nicotine.

Why? Subhom atos (less than 1 ohm) heat up much stronger. The very hot vapor accentuates the feeling of the throat hit of nicotine, propylene glycol and even aromas.

Also play airflow! Whether in MTL or DL, if your clearomiser has an adjustable air inlet, all you have to do is tighten your air inlet.

So you get a thinner and therefore tighter throat airflow. The aromas of your e-liquids are also much more pronounced.

Flavours and hits are there!

How to stop feeling hit?

For many former smokers who quit tobacco cigarettes, the throat hit is no longer necessary.

As mentioned, the latter is chemically transformed in such a way as to make you addicted to that smoke-induced scratching sensation that you seek when inhaling the vapour.

Once weaned, you no longer feel the need to feel the hit. Gustatory pleasure gradually comes to the fore in your vaping. The aromas take up more space and become more important.

Vapers, therefore, tend, when they are in the process of quitting tobacco, to gradually reduce their dose of nicotine. They go from 18mg/ml to 11mg/ml, then to 8, then to 4 and so on, detoxifying themselves from the effects of cigarettes.

Some vapers testify that the lower their need for nicotine, the more aggressive the hit seems. They, therefore, tend to reduce it to adapt it to their new way of vaping.

The liquids gradually go from a higher level of propylene glycol to an increasingly high dose of vegetable glycerin.

To no longer feel the hit , start by gradually reducing your nicotine level and favoring the flavors of your e-liquids!

How to have a good hit without nicotine?

For vapers who want to continue to feel the hit in the throat but without having to consume nicotine, here are some tips.

  • Use menthol e-liquids
  • Increase the propylene glycol dosage of your e-liquids
  • Increase the voltage and wattage of your vape device
  • Use the dry smoking technique (with a reconstructable dripper-type atomizer, without a tank)
  • Use an MTL clearomizer with lots of nicotine
  • Use a DL tank
  • Use a cartomizer

The throat hit is an essential sensation for the beginner vaper who wants to start a transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. This contraction of the throat is part of the elements that make addicts to tobacco consumption, in addition to nicotine.

On the other hand, several means are possible to increase or decrease its hit, without having to touch its nicotine dosage. The main thing, as with everything in the world of vaping, is to find the balance that suits you.

Once harmony is found, you experience your best vaping … And by far!

Good vape and may the hit be favorable to you!