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How to avoid leaks on your clearo and ato

The first thing to do when leaks appear is to allow your equipment to get a makeover. To do this, what better than a big spring cleaning?

1 – Start with a major cleaning


  • Start by separating your clearomiser from your  battery ,
  • Unscrew the Pyrex tank (or metal, glass, PET…),
  • Dismantle the resistance and hop, direction the sink!
  • Run a trickle of water (preferably lukewarm) and clean everything that can be cleaned. Don’t forget to turn your equipment over during the operation, to thoroughly clean each of its parts. Don’t forget to clean the lower part including the airflow … In short, everything must be perfectly clean!
  • Once the operation is complete, dry everything properly then reassembles the assembly on your battery and give it a try…

Are the leaks gone? Congratulation ! Is the leak still there? It does not matter, your clearomiser thanks you for taking care of him, he will probably tell all his friends about it. 

2 – Check your assembly in detail

If the cleaning was not enough, then the problem may be with your assembly.

  • Check that your resistance is tight,
  • Check that your clearomizer is also tight to your  mod .

All is correct ? So now let’s move on to the gaskets. To tell the truth, if all clearomisers do not turn into swimming pools, it is largely thanks to them. So check the condition of each of the seals present on your equipment, a porous or worn seal will no longer do its job properly and the e-liquid, this little vicious one, could then take the opportunity to try to escape.

3 – Resistance

Resistance can also be the cause of leaks. A resistor whose wick is worn out will no longer do its job properly. Take care of your resistance! There is no magic formula to knowing when to change its resistance, it depends on many factors, but if you have not changed it for a fortnight, then the problem could come from there. 

4 – The e-liquid

The leaks started following a change of e-liquid? So maybe that is the cause of the problem. The composition of e-liquids can vary enormously and depend on their level of vegetable glycerin, some clearomizers have more or less trouble with them. Ask your favourite seller if your clearomiser can support your brand new e-liquid with the maddening 80% VG rate.

Also, check the maximum e-liquid level that your tank can hold. If there is a maximum level indicated, I assure you that it is not just to annoy you! Always respect the highest level, don’t go any further poor fools!

5 – Hold your electronic cigarette vertically

This point may seem silly, but depending on the model, liquid rises can occur depending on the position in which you vape. What could be more pleasant than vaping at night in bed, lying down? Except that here, in our world, gravity rules! And a horizontal clearomiser can very well pave the way for an e-liquid that wants to leak… So watch this point too!

6 – Are the leaks still there?

If after all these manipulations, your clearomiser is still leaking, then you may have had a good idea to buy one of these rare problem models… Indeed, certain references (few, fortunately), are known to have leakage problems. In this case, there are unfortunately not many other solutions than to return to your shop and explain your problem. A nice seller will gladly change your equipment!

I hope this article was useful to you and that it helped you to fight all those nasty leaks that have been ruining your life until now. Do not despair with a little patience, you will have the last word!