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In the different steps to completely quit smoking, but also vaping, we call vaping without nicotine. You are probably asking yourself the question, should I vape without nicotine, can I vape without nicotine and what is the point. We take stock together around nicotine-free vaping.

Why vape without nicotine

In most cases, vaping without nicotine is part of a quitting process that follows different stages:

– Switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes

– Nicotine level adapted to your needs

– Lower nicotine level

– Switching from 3 to 0 for the nicotine level.

People who have never smoked, who have equipped themselves with electronic cigarettes and different flavours, are vapers who do not use nicotine. They could be compared to Hookah smokers, who occasionally smoke shisha. We also discover vapers who take a lot of pleasure in vaping and who do not want to stop vaping but only nicotine. They want to keep the gesture and stay in the circle of the vape.

Vaping without nicotine does not exclude people who wish to switch from classic cigarettes to e-cigarettes without nicotine, even if we advise against it, it is often difficult to skip all the previous steps. All this to say that each vaper has a path, a particular story and that each follows a different path. There is no specific vaping plan. Any vaper can at some point decide to vape without nicotine.

Today, no study can demonstrate that vaping without nicotine is more or less dangerous than vaping with nicotine.

The effects of vaping without nicotine

Before completely stopping the nicotine in your E liquids, it is important to know the reasons why some vapers find it difficult to stop nicotine e-liquids.

On the one hand, the addiction to nicotine which is specific to everyone is difficult to separate from nicotine in the same way as the electronic cigarette or the traditional cigarette. Unfortunately, there are no miracle solutions to reduce this feeling of dependence, except the will.

In a second step, it is also necessary to take into account that stopping the nicotine in your e liquids will inevitably induce a decrease in the hit, or even no hit at all.

Hit, what is it? The hit is the sensation that the vaper or smoker feels when the air passes through the throat. This sensation is similar to heat, tingling, scraping… This hit contributes to the feeling of pleasure that a traditional cigarette gives you, but also nicotine e-liquids. The solution to reducing this feeling of non-existent Hit is to opt for a more powerful material to vape in Sub-Ohm, that is to say with low resistances.

What is Sub-Ohm? It is the action of vaping with very low resistances (less than 1 Ohm). By vaping with such low resistances, you must arm yourself with a powerful enough material so that the resistance can heat up sufficiently. The heating will be faster, thus producing more vapour and consequently more hit in the throat.

Note that it is important to inquire beforehand if you wish to practice the Sub-Ohm. It is not recommended for new vapers, because by using low resistances it will be necessary to have material that heats up enough and therefore to have a minimum of knowledge about the material. However, if you use the latest generation boxes without settings with resistors specially designed for your type of equipment, you limit the risk of overheating.

And you, do you vape with an e-liquid without nicotine? With low resistances? Tell me about your experience.

In the meantime, Good Vape to all.