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The world of electronic cigarettes is always evolving. It’s not just about the appearance of new flavours on liquids. Be aware that this type of equipment can come in several formats, including the box model. You will learn more about this type of e-cigarette by following this guide.

Principles and advantages of an electronic cigarette in box format

Generally presented in a rectangular shape, an electronic cigarette in box format is mainly equipped with an “electronic mod”. This type of equipment will surely appeal to a beginner in vaping since it can be personalized according to the situation. Choosing this format will allow you to adjust it according to your needs. Moreover, you can opt for a simple or complex setting. The most important thing is that the product meets your expectations every time you use it.

Able to integrate a battery, a box-type electronic cigarette provides significant autonomy. In other words, the product allows you to vape for a long time without experiencing the slightest breakdown. In addition, the equipment can be versatile. This translates into the fact that you can separate the box and the atomizer at any time. One of these two elements can be replaced at any time if you wish to experience other sensations. It will also save you from buying a whole new cigarette kit.

The main components of an e-cigarette in box format

An electronic cigarette in box format can have several elements. But, you should check the status of some of them in particular, starting with the box in question. Often presented in a square shape, this element must be easy to hold in the hand. Add to that, it must facilitate the adjustment of the device thanks to the piloting of the screen.

Then comes the atomizer or the clearomizer which is generally fixed on the upper part of the box. This element is mainly used to accommodate the e-liquid which will be heated by the resistance. You should know that an atomizer is an element that is easy to handle and maintain. You should have no trouble producing vapour with electronic cigarettes.

The last basic element is the battery whose role is to power the entire product. Normally, this accessory guarantees the autonomy of the equipment. In addition, you have to choose between integrated or removable batteries. These are also known as batteries.

How an e-cigarette box works

The operation of an electronic cigarette in box format is very simple. The battery produces the energy needed to power the atomizer. The latter takes care of heating the e-liquid to obtain the vapour that you intend to create. To do this, you just have to press the “switch” for a long time. Before that, it is recommended that you adjust the product well so that it can perfectly meet your expectations. Thus, the configuration is facilitated by the presence of a screen on the box. Added to this are the adjustment buttons that are easy to access. Note that the tuning options depend on the model you will buy. In any case, the setting must allow you to choose the power of vape you will need.

Which box kit is right for you?

In case you didn’t know, you can choose between three types of electronic cigarettes in box format. You can simply start with a “simple” model that will guarantee ease of use. The product should have no trouble replicating the same sensations you get with regular cigarettes. So you can use it to quit nicotine for good while still enjoying the best flavours.

Then comes the “advanced” model which can be offered to more experienced vapers. The product can work perfectly with a low level of nicotine. Note that the atomizer of the product can produce a large amount of vapour while offering you more sensations. Moreover, you could opt for a direct inhalation with this type of e-cigarette. Don’t forget that the battery life will allow you to prolong the pleasure.

The last option is the “expert” category which is mainly offered to users who have no problem with rebuildable hardware. You may be required to assemble your e-cigarette on your own if you opt for this category. Therefore, you must have a mastery of vaping safety rules.

How to choose your cigarette box?

It is easy to find an electronic cigarette in a box format that meets your expectations. It is enough to take into account certain points, the most important of which are the following:

  • The autonomy of the product: expressed in “mAh”, it is important to determine the autonomy of the product before buying it. A model below 1500 mAh is recommended for occasional use. As for regular use, you can choose an autonomy of 1500 to 2500 mAh. Finally, a model over 2500 mAh is recommended for regular vaping.
  • The format of the box: this point concerns the weight and volume of the product. These criteria can have an impact on the handling of the e-cigarette. Thus, the best option is to bet on a compact and nomadic model. This can give you better battery life.
  • The value of the resistance: it is quite possible to choose the value that suits you for the resistance of the product. A value below 0.5 ohms is perfect for direct inhaling with a powerful vape. Also, a value above 1.0 ohm provides a smoother feel with indirect inhaling. A value between these two (0.5-1.0 ohm) offers a versatile feeling whether for direct or indirect inhaling.
  • The capacity of the atomizer: be aware that filling this accessory can become tiresome if the action is repeated too much. Also, it is recommended to choose a 2ml or 3ml tank if you go for a simple model. For an advanced model, you could choose a capacity of 4 to 6 ml.
  • The e-liquid: the choice of e-liquid depends mainly on the e-cigarette you choose. Bottles with VG less than or equal to 50% are recommended for a single box. However, you could go above 50% for VG if you have an advanced e-cigarette.