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The different breakdowns on electronic cigarettes

The battery of my e-cigarette is no longer durable enough or no longer charges

This problem can occur in the event of failure of the charger, or the event of poor contact. Furthermore, the problem may also come from the battery itself. Indeed, the battery of your e-cig may be at the end of its life or, on the contrary, still be too recent to have reached its maximum power potential. 

To precisely identify the failure, you can test your configuration with another battery. If you notice the same symptoms, the problem is certainly with your charger, which must be faulty. In this case, change the charger and redo the test. On the other hand, if the charger works when you change the battery, the problem then comes from your battery which will have to be replaced. Indeed, you should know that a battery has a lifespan of about 300 charge cycles on average. Your battery may therefore no longer work if it is too old. On the other hand, it is generally necessary to give several charges to a battery new before it acquires its maximum power. Finally, and if you rather think that bad contact is the source of the problem, you can also try to clean the thread and the central contact pad with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol, if these last ones are clogged. The false contact can also come from a bad screwing of the accumulator on the clearomiser. Indeed, if you tighten too much, the resistance can come crashing against the battery terminal and create a bad contact. 

The battery of my vaper flashes and delivers little or no vapour 

A flashing battery can mean several things. At first, the battery of your e-cigarette may be discharged. In this case, recharge it and try to fire your vape again. If the battery is still flashing and suction is difficult, the problem may also come from the resistance which has not had time to cool between two suctions! To prevent overheating, the safety system switches on and blocks vaporization. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to respect a pause of about 20 seconds between each inhaled puff, so as not to put too much strain on the resistance.  

Finally, it is also possible that this problem is directly linked to an e-liquid leak, which may have leaked onto the battery and caused bad contact. To remedy this, take a piece of absorbent paper and roll it up into a fine wick, before inserting it into the battery screw hole. Then position your battery vertically, the diode in the air, on a sheet of paper towel, to promote the flow of e-liquid. Let it sit overnight, then blast it with dry air. Your battery should be working again.

My e-cigarette fell into the water  

Unless you are equipped with a waterproof electronic cigarette, there is a good chance that a fall in water will be fatal for your vaping equipment. Above all, do not make the mistake of trying to vape your e-cig by taking it out of the water, as this could degrade it further. If your electronic cigarette is removable, remove the parts that compose it and wipe them, before letting the assembly dry. Check that the resistance is not wet, in which case it will be unusable and you will have to replace it to be able to vape again. Finally, if your Box contains an electronic circuit, the latter will unfortunately not be able to cope and it will be necessary to reinvest. Ultimately, keep your e-cigarette as far away from water as possible! 

The battery of my vaper works but the atomizer does not heat up  

In this case, several causes can be at the origin of the problem. At first, the resistance may no longer work. To be sure, it is possible to measure the value of the resistance using an Ohmmeter. To do this, it is necessary to place the test tips on the external part of the thread and the central stud. If the value is infinity, it means that the resistance is out of order; if necessary, you will have no choice but to replace it with a new one. On the other hand, if the value of the resistance rises to 2 or 3 Ohms, this means that the latter is still operational and that the problem comes from elsewhere.  

Indeed, it is likely that there is a bad contact between the atomizer and the battery. To remedy this, unscrew the atomizer from the battery and replace it, being careful not to overtighten. You can also take a paper clip and make a hook to raise the contact pad slightly. However, this manoeuvre is tricky and you will have to be careful not to turn the paper clip at the risk of damaging your equipment. 

Finally, it is also possible that the atomizer is too soaked in e-liquid. In this case, use dry air can remove the excess liquid, then clean it with hot water or use an ultrasonic cleaner. Also, clean the contact pad and the thread of the atomizer with alcohol. Finally, dry the atomizer and pour a few drops of e-liquid on the braid so that it can restart.

My e-cig produces little vapour and delivers a burnt taste 

These issues are quite commonly encountered by e-cigarette users and can be the result of several things. At first, the sudden drop in vapour production that you notice and the burning sensation that you feel in the mouth may be caused by a lack of e-liquid. Indeed, without e-liquid to vaporize, the resistance will heat up when empty and you will immediately feel a burnt taste; generated by the resistive wire which burns the cotton. In this case, you just have to fill the tank with e-liquid or change the cartridge of your atomizer.  

In addition, it is also possible that your e-liquid tank is full, but that the connection is not made with the resistance. This is a boot problem. To fix this, you just need to soak the absorbent cotton in e-liquid. Once properly supplied with e-liquid, the resistance will be able to heat up without producing any undesirable effects. It is also important to choose the right voltage while respecting the range of use of your resistance. Indeed, the overheating of your resistance can also be the cause of a burnt taste. If despite all your efforts, your e-cigarette still produces this unpleasant flavour, it is time to change your resistance! 

If you want to optimize your vapour production and obtain better restitution of the flavour of your e-liquid without a burnt taste, you can also opt for the dry smoking technique. The latter consists of manually pouring a few drops of e-liquid on the braid of the atomizer, rather than going through a reservoir system. Although it offers a satisfying experience in terms of flavour and vapour rendering, this vaping technique also has its drawbacks. Indeed, dry smoking is not an economical method in e-liquid and will consume your bottles much faster. On the other hand, the fact of pouring e-liquid directly on the cotton presents a risk of flow in the battery or atomizer drowning. 

When should I change my resistance? 

Opinions abound on the question and yet there is not a general rule: the best time to change the resistance of your e-cigarette depends entirely on your habits and your frequency of consumption. Indeed, the wicks contained in the resistance degrade little by little, by dint of being heated by the battery. Eventually, the cotton which is intended to absorb the e-liquid becomes increasingly dry, until it burns. A worn resistance will thus offer a less abundant vapour and an altered taste, which can materialize by the sensation of inhaling a burnt taste. Therefore and depending on the amount of e-liquid you consume, you will have to change the resistance more or less regularly. However, it is advisable to replace your resistance with a new one when you start to feel a difference in the restitution of the aromas of your e-liquids or a decrease in the quantity of vapour produced. 

Some tips for you:  

When changing the resistance, sprinkle the absorbent cotton with a few drops of e-liquid and fill your tank. Be careful not to use your e-cigarette immediately, waiting about 5 minutes, to ensure that the resistance is perfectly soaked. 

When you use a Mod or an adjustable battery and you replace the resistance of your e-cig with a new one, favour a vape at minimum power; at least for a few minutes. In this way, you will not apply your new resistance too brutally. 

Remember to turn off the battery of your electronic cigarette when you are not using it, by pressing the draw button 5 times in a row. If you don’t do this and the battery accidentally activates in your pocket, the coil will receive electricity and degrade without you even vaping! 

When you vape, it is important to hold the battery in the palm of your hand and to ensure that your fingers do not obstruct the ventilation holes positioned on the tank. Indeed, this simple handling error could contribute to considerably degrading your resistance.  

Keep in mind that vaping has nothing to do with smoking. As such, it is not advisable to inhale strongly and for a short time, as one would with a traditional cigarette. Indeed, it is rather recommended to vape gently and for a long time, for a few seconds, to optimize the life expectancy of your resistance. 

The e-liquid rises on my lips 

The most common cause of e-liquid backflow is undoubted: overfilling. Although the fact of ingesting e-liquid is harmless in itself, it is advisable to respect the maximum dosage of your tank, otherwise, you will experience unpleasant rises. In addition, this problem can also occur when you inhale too strongly on your electronic cigarette because the e-liquid does not have time to be vaporized and rises directly to the drip tip. It is therefore recommended to favour a soft and slow draw to avoid this type of inconvenience.  

A faulty setting of your e-cig can also be the cause of the problem. Indeed, if your resistance heats up too quickly, the vaporization of the e-liquid may not have time to operate correctly; which can cause splashing and rising. Check that the power of your vaper is correctly calibrated, respecting the intensity range of your resistance. It is also possible to be confronted with this phenomenon following prolonged non-use of your e-cigarette. Indeed, if you vape occasionally and your electronic cigarette remains horizontal for too long, the e-liquid contained in the tank will tend to “drown” the resistance. accumulating endlessly. Thus, when you reuse your vaporizer, the excess will rise directly in the liquid state to your mouth. To avoid sucking in e-liquid when you vape again, it is best to remove the cartridge from the atomizer and blow it into the mouthpiece instead of sucking; which will allow you to expel the surplus. So remember to empty your tank or leave only a small amount of e-liquid in it, if you plan not to use your vaper for a long time.  

Finally, a worn resistance or a battery that is too weak can also be the cause of e-liquid rising. Indeed, if the battery of your e-cig does not have the necessary power to heat the resistance correctly, the e-liquid will vaporize poorly and may rise in liquid form. In this case, simply replace your old battery with a new one and the problem will be solved! In the same way, do not hesitate to replace a resistance that is too damaged, because the latter will not be able to heat the e-liquid correctly, which may arise as it is.

The most frequent error messages 

“No coil detected” 

This message indicates a connection problem between your Mod and the clearomiser. Concretely your e-cig makes you understand that it does not detect the atomizer. Depending on the brand or model of your e-cigarette, the error message may differ: “No atomizer”, “No atomiser found”, and “Check atomizer”. If you have an electronic cigarette without a screen, the LED indicator present on your atomizer will start flashing to inform you of the technical incident. 

To solve this problem, it is advisable to check the assembly and the state of cleanliness of the various components. It is initially possible that the faulty connection comes simply from a bad contact, generated by a bad tightening of the thread of the atomizer, which prevents electricity from circulating. To be sure, turn off your e-cigarette, unscrew the atomizer, and then proceed to a thorough cleaning of the thread and the contact pad if you notice the slightest trace of dirt. Finally, screw everything back on and turn your vaper back on.  

If after that the error message is still displayed, check that the problem does not come from a bad screwing of the resistance or from fouling of the latter; which is not uncommon after several fills. To do this, repeat the same operation for the resistor; namely: unscrew, clean with a dry cloth and screw back on. If the message continues to appear, it means that it is probably time to change your resistance! 

“Atomizer low” or “Atomizer short” 

This error message can be used to alert you to 2 problems. It can indeed appear on your screen if the value of the resistor you are using is too low. For example, not all vapers support Sub-Ohm vaping, which is practised with a resistance whose value is less than 1 Ohm. This is why it is important to check that the coils you buy are compatible with the ranges of use of your atomizer and your battery. If you are faced with this problem, simply choose a resistor whose resistive value (Ohm) is higher and the error message should disappear.  

In addition, it is also possible that your e-cig does not detect the resistance. The atomizer may be too tight and create a bad contact. In this situation, slightly unscrew your ato and the connection should be restored. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to raise the central stud slightly so that the connection can be established again. To do this, you can gently insert a flat screwdriver between the screw thread and the central stud, then exert a slight leverage effect to raise the stud by a few millimetres. Remember to clean the connection pins if necessary, which can also be the cause of this blockage. If the problem persists, unscrew, then screw back your resistance or replace it if nothing helps. 

“Puff over” 

Some electronic cigarettes are equipped with a puff counter that allows the user to regulate their consumption if they wish. When the message appears, it means that you have reached the limit of authorized aspirations. If you want to deactivate this feature, go to your Box settings, select the “Puff counter” option and deactivate it by choosing “off”. 

“Check battery” 

Your vaper can display this error message when it gets old or after a fall. This alert usually means that an electronic fault has been detected in the Box; it is most often a question of an unsoldered wire. In this context, it is preferable to send your Box to the after-sales service rather than attempt an in-house repair, which turns out to be quite delicate and requires a certain skill.