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  • check that one of the elements of your atomizer is not missing to avoid any vape problem. Without questioning your handyman skills, one can imagine that a seal has disappeared during disassembly. You just have to find it and put it back in its original place or find another one in the box of your clearo. As this seal has a limited lifespan, it can also simply be damaged. In any case, replace it and say goodbye to your liquid leaks!
  • Be vigilant as to the choice of the resistance of your clearomizer, the latter must be adapted (you may have, by mistake, screwed a resistance corresponding to another model in your collection!) and screwed properly. This is a simple check that we also recommend that you perform often: with time and use, the resistors tend to unscrew naturally and let a little liquid escape, which creates the leakage problem.


After a shock, the reservoir of your clearomiser can be split and let your liquid escape. Likewise, the composition of certain acidic liquids has the reputation of damaging the plastic tank. In the latter case, it is recommended to use Pyrex tanks. But in general, it is enough to replace your tank with a new one, often provided by the manufacturer of your atomizer. Once your tank has been changed, you can say goodbye to liquid leaks! Don’t forget that vaping is an art and that you have to take care of your equipment to avoid any leakage problems. 


  • first, check that the power of your electronic cigarette is well suited to the value of your resistance. A resistor underpowered in energy prevents suitable vaporization of your liquid, which then tends to flow by the airflows and the leak is inevitable… To know the value required by your atomizer, simply refer to the user manual of that -ci: the accepted watt range is often mentioned there;
  • make sure that your resistance is not at the end of its life to avoid any leakage problem. You will easily notice it in the burnt taste that will emerge from each of your puffs. In this case, change the resistance and find the original flavours of your liquid, guaranteed without leaks! We remind you that the resistances are to be changed regularly to take full advantage of your vape and to avoid any problems.
  • another possibility: the filling of your electronic cigarette was not carried out in good conditions. You have thus been able to exceed the filling limit or fill your atomizer by leaving the airflows open, which is often not recommended. You can then empty the contents of your electronic cigarette into its original bottle, clean your equipment and refill it by respecting the two rules mentioned above and the problem should be solved;
  • finally, some of you may have noticed that the consistency of liquids changes according to their temperature and the pressure to which they are subjected: a high temperature or a high altitude (in an aeroplane for example) tend to liquefy the PG/VG. In this case, unfortunately, you just have to be patient and wait to return to more conventional conditions of use…


To solve your liquid leak problem, several elements must be taken into account:

  • To avoid any vape problem such as leaks, check that there is no missing element on your atomizer, in particular, the gasket;
  • Change your tank regularly and do not wait until it is cracked because the leak will be inevitable!
  • Check that the power of your electronic cigarette is well adapted to the value of your resistance; 
  • Make sure that your resistor is not at the end of its life to avoid any leakage problems;
  • When you fill your electronic cigarette, do not exceed the filling limit and make sure that the airflows are closed;
  • Be vigilant about the consistency of your liquids, if they liquefy a little too much, the leak is not far away!