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Thanks to increasingly efficient chipsets,  today’s electronic cigarettes can warn us when a problem is detected. Manufacturers put in place a multitude of safeguards that allow vapers to vape with peace of mind. One of the messages that we have all come across is the “No Atomizer”! When this information appears on the screen for the first time, we remain sceptical… A clearomizer or an atomizer is present on the top of the box. So why is it displaying this message? We answer all your questions and give you tips on how to solve this recurring problem.


A box that says “No Atomizer” or “No Atomizer Found” doesn’t do it for no reason. This disturbing message does not mean an absence of clearomizer or atomizer but a detection problem! First of all, we strongly invite you to turn off your electronic mod to be able to carry out, in complete safety, the various manipulations that we are going to propose to you. The first step is to check the cleanliness of your equipment! Over time, dirt accumulates and can prevent your box from detecting the screwed tank. Using a paper towel, carefully clean the thread of your clearomiser or atomiser and do the same at pin 50 of your e-cigarette. You can then screw your tank back on, taking care not to exert too much pressure. With these tips, you should find an e-cigarette ready to produce a generous vapour. However, if none of the proposed solutions has borne fruit, you can then look into your resistance!


All atomizers and clearomizers require the presence of a resistor to operate. Without this centrepiece, there is no hope of seeing steam coming out of your e-cigarette… This resistance can be the cause of several malfunctions on an electronic cigarette and it is essential to have the right reflexes. First, unscrew the atomizer or the clearomizer of your mod then check that the resistance is well screwed! When installing the coil, it may not have been correctly set up: the box could not detect the consumable. It can also happen that little e-liquid lodges under your resistance, do not hesitate to clean the bottom of your coil with a paper towel before closing your tank.

It is with horror that you note that the famous “No Atomizer Found” persist? You have one last solution: changing the resistance. Your resistance may be at the end of its life or worn out prematurely. Radical, the change of the coil should allow you to draw a line under the message “No Atomizer”!


Now you know what are the reasons that lead your box to display the message “No Atomizer”! You also know the manipulations likely to solve your problem.