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A resistor is the element of your electronic cigarette that allows you to produce vapour. Without resistance, your e-cigarette will not be able to work and you will not be able to vape. This element of your electronic cigarette will largely determine the vaping sensations you will feel. Depending on the value of your resistance, you will be able to use your electronic cigarette with more or less power and therefore produce rather cold or rather hot vapour.

The resistors most represented on the market are the prefabricated resistors. There are several models, of different shapes and adapted to different clearomizers (tanks). Easy to use, no hassle, you have to snap it into your clearomiser and soak it with e-liquid and wait a few minutes for it to absorb enough liquid to be able to function properly. They are perfect for beginner vapers.

The resistance is in the centre of your clearomiser, screwed to the base of this same reservoir to be connected to the box which will transmit the power it needs to function.

The resistance is an element composed of a metal envelope to protect it. Inside, there is cotton which has the role of absorbing and containing liquid, metallic threads which will heat the liquid contained in the cotton and produce steam.

When you use your electronic cigarette when you press the fire button, the resistance will start to heat up, and the liquid present in the cotton will rise in temperature and will thus produce steam.

Why do resistors get hot?

The resistors begin to heat up due to the Joule effect. In an isolated system, like our electronic cigarette where the energy goes from the battery to the clearomiser, there is necessarily energy conservation. The electric current which passes through the resistor is slowed down by the material from which this resistor is made. As it slows down, the electric current will lose energy. This kinetic energy cannot leave this network, it is transformed into thermal energy and will therefore release heat at the resistance level.

These resistors include a value which is designated in ohms. The more the resistor will have a value in ohm close to or above 1, the less it will resist the power. It will therefore operate with very low powers in Watts. On the contrary, the closer the resistor has a value in ohms to 0, the more power it will resist. It will be able to operate with much higher powers and therefore produce more steam and more heat. You can find this value directly written on the resistance or the sheets of our products on our site.

If you use a resistance higher than 1 ohm you will be on an indirect vape with less vapour but more flavour. Conversely, on resistances of less than 1 ohm, you will be more on a direct vape with more vapour. The closer the resistance is to 0, the more vapour it will make and require power.

The resistance is consumable and is changed regularly. Depending on your consumption you will have to change it between 1 to 3 weeks.

How do you know when to change your resistance?

Nothing’s easier!

Either a Dry Hit phenomenon occurs: that is to say that while using your electronic cigarette you smell a burnt taste which is not pleasant. Your cotton will no longer be normally supplied with liquid and will begin to be burned by the heat emitted by the resistance.

But beware, the resistance does not always dry hit before having to be changed. Several other clues can tell you that you need to change your resistance. For example, you may feel that the taste of your liquid changes and is less present, without necessarily having a burnt taste. Also, if your electronic cigarette produces less vapour, your resistance may need to be changed.

Resistor values

The value of the resistors has an impact on your rendering of the vape. 

The higher the value in ohms, the less vapour there is and the more it will be necessary to vape on low wattages. 

The high resistance values, ​​therefore, make it possible to consume less liquid and battery. 

  • Above 1ohm  you will have a  soft vape ideal for indirect inhaling.
  • Between 0.5 and 1ohm, your resistance will offer a  versatile vape for direct and indirect inhalation. 
  • With less than 0.5ohm  you will have a  powerful vape perfect for direct inhaling. 

The lower the value of the resistance, the more it will be possible to vape with high wattages. 

What is a coil?

Another type of resistance is also present in the world of electronic cigarettes. Exclusively reserved for rebuildable atomizers, these resistances are more commonly called coils. Meaning “coil” in English, this kind of resistance is recognizable by its shape. It is a metal wire rolled up on itself to form several whorls. 

The biggest difference with the coils prefabricated by clearomizer brands is that you can create your coil. However, it will take practice and patience to successfully create something decent.

To work properly, it will be necessary to mount this coil on the plate of a reconstructable atomizer or a dripper and to pass cotton intended for the vape in the centre of this coil. Before heating this type of resistance, it will be necessary to think of soaking the cotton well with liquid so as not to burn it.