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Over time, the techniques are perfected and some visionaries embark on the production of coils complex, even very complex! In the mid-2000s, the electronic cigarette was still in its infancy and rebuildable enthusiasts had no choice but to settle for simple resistive wires. Quickly, particularly skilled vapers began to design more exotic coils, bringing with them a significant production of vapour and much more precise restitution of flavours! These multiple tests have resulted in many coils, now considered classics by seasoned vapers. However, a user who wishes to embark on the great adventure of rebuildable can quickly be lost and one question keeps occupying his thoughts: what are the differences between the types of coils? Dedicated to the curious and to those who are closely interested in the e-cigarette.


The first type of coil requested by fans of complex assemblies is called Clapton, in the form of a tribute to the guitar string of the guitarist of the same name. To achieve this result, a  resistive wire of small diameter surrounds a wire of larger diameter. Popular with cloud-chasing enthusiasts, these coils have the advantage of providing very dense vapour and also provide very good flavour restitution. To get the best out of it, it is strongly recommended to equip yourself with a powerful box which will make it possible to compensate for the diesel effect inherent in this type of assembly.

Very similar but also very different, Fused Clapton resistors are made up of two thick wires which are wrapped by a smaller diameter wire. This elaborate construction considerably reduces the heating time while multiplying the flavours of your e-liquid!


UFOs in the world of electronic cigarettes, Alien coils are reserved for the most perfectionists! Requiring high power to heat properly, these resistors are made up of a Clapton and various resistive wires. Perseverance and dexterity will be necessary to hope to succeed in creating this kind of coil! Fortunately, many renowned manufacturers such as  MPC offer these coils in a pre-made version, which allows you to easily obtain a coil that will best enhance the flavours of your juices!

Opposed, the Tiger resistors make it possible to obtain a higher value in ohms and can be perfectly suitable for lovers of the MTL or DTL vape. Versatile, these coils are less complex to make. A flat wire, a round wire, twist the two and you get a Tiger or Twisted resistance for the intimates. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the simplest exotic coil to make but also the least requested…


Endangered, the Hive coils are the crossing of two Tiger coils. With a substantial heating surface, these coils have the unfortunate tendency to cause liquid splashes if the realization is not perfect… To be sure to have an irreproachable Hive coil, the easiest way is to turn to renowned coilers.


The Fused type resistive wire, also called Fused Clapton is a bulkier version of the Clapton coil. As the heating surface is larger and the resistivity is on the contrary less, the fused makes it possible to create more vapour while preserving the flavours. It is perfect for power vaping enthusiasts!


The shapes are different, the constructions varied, and the wires used can be diverse… In short, the choice of coils is infinite. Through this guide, we hope that your question: what are the differences between the types of coils? will have found an answer and will allow you to direct you to the coil most suited to your way of vaping.