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How to choose your first electronic cigarette?

There are a thousand and one reasons to quit tobacco for an e-cigarette, but in the majority of cases, it is health and financial factors that drive lethal fuel prisoners to switch to vaping.

Indeed, the adoption of an electronic cigarette reduces up to 90% of the expenditure on nicotine compared to a traditional cigarette while the vapour from vapers does not present any of the 4000 (or even more) toxins from tobacco. If the ability of the electronic cigarette to provide an effective and healthy nicotine substitute is no longer up for debate today, the choice of the best model for a successful transition remains a big dilemma for novices.

And yes! Over the years, the electronic cigarette industry has greatly evolved to give birth to more than 3 generations of vapers, ranging from simple starter kits to real vapour cauldrons for cloud chasers! The question that arises is therefore to know which electronic cigarette is capable of fulfilling the conditions for a first experience in the vape?

Knowing that more than two-thirds of vapers-smokers who give up their transitions have chosen kits that are unsuitable for their cases. To answer this question, we will discuss in this article the key factors that make an electronic cigarette a good transition companion to “healthy” nicotine and which types of electronic cigarettes are suitable for different profiles of beginner vapers.

Intended to replace the traditional cigarette to spare the smoker from the harmful consequences of burnt tobacco, its operation is based on the “heating” of a liquid solution called “e-liquid”. This formula is nothing but a mixture of organic and chemical ingredients used every day in the world of pharmacology, gastronomy and many others, namely: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin ( VG), flavourings (food or synthetic), flavour enhancers, liquid nicotine and other accessory additives (water, alcohol, colourants, etc.).

The advantage of having an electronic cigarette lies in bringing the sensations of traditional cigarettes closer to steam, whether in terms of taste (smell-tobacco), hit (tingling sensation in the throat when inhaling the smoke) and texture (steam is much thicker than smoke in particular). In addition, the electronic cigarette has been designed to transfer the reflexes and gestures of a smoker to the device, which is why it is advisable to avoid vaping when you have no previous experience with tobacco. Created to soften the weaning process, the e-cig is, therefore, one of the nicotine substitutes par excellence and must be used for these purposes. Otherwise, a person who has never lit a traditional cigarette could adopt smoking reflexes and, to a large extent, get used to the effects of nicotine and end up in tobacco through the so-called effect “gateway” (switching from a vaper to smoking through inappropriate experimentation with the device).

The factors of choice of a first electronic cigarette

All electronic cigarettes are capable of providing nicotine vapour, aromas and entertaining sensations, however, each of them has precise technical specifications that optimize a certain rendering (thicker or lighter vapour), a flavour (deep or simple) and ergonomics (more autonomous equipment, light or heavy).

To prevent bad choices and falling on an indomitable electronic cigarette that will end up in the trash the first week, the first-time vaper will therefore have to do a little analysis of his needs from:

  •        Level of nicotine addiction (occasional smoker, regular smoker, heavy smoker)
  •        Sought-after ergonomics and aesthetics (a large elegant box or a small discreet device that goes everywhere)
  •        E-liquid (E-cig capable of bringing out the expected tastes and sensations) 

1- Choose your first electronic cigarette according to your level of nicotine addiction

Unlike tobacco smoke, the vapour released by the electronic cigarette does not carry any toxin harmful to health and therefore allows the smoker to continue the sustenance of the body and brain in nicotine while preventing the risk of diseases (cancer, gastritis, etc…).

To choose the electronic cigarette that can successfully supply your body with nicotine, you will have to take into account your level of addiction to cigarettes. Here is a short guide that will clarify your choice:

  •        For occasional smokers (between 1 and 9 cigarettes per day):

If you rarely or rarely touch cigarettes, you won’t need a big electronic cigarette that will clutter your pocket all day long to replace it. In this case, the solicitation of the electronic cigarette will be light (in terms of nicotine and terms of the volume of e-liquid consumed as a result) also, a simple starter kit with an autonomy of energy and average liquid will suffice.

In the same section, boxes and clearomizers with adjustable chipsets are not recommended, knowing that your need is limited to inhaling a few tens of mg of nicotine and not creating immense vapours that burn your throat.

For our part, we would therefore recommend the pods without adjustment equipped with average accumulators (between 400 and 900 mAh). The advantage of these kits lies in their ease of use, their ergonomics, and their affordable prices. Indeed, the pods are mini electronic cigarettes of a lighter size that do not require any experience in the vape to be tamed!

  •        For regular smokers (between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day)

If you are in the category of regular smokers, you will need an electronic cigarette that keeps pace in terms of liquid autonomy and energy.

Of course, electronic cigarette manufacturers have dedicated entire ranges of kits to satisfy you! 

Among the different categories of e-cigs that suit your level of addiction, we would therefore recommend the All In One kkit+ compact clearomizers. These two types of electronic cigarettes have in common their ability to provide much greater autonomy than pods, without being a handicap in terms of size. In addition, a box + clearomiser has the advantage of being flexible in terms of characteristics. In this case, you can choose your compact box (less than 10 cm high) and a different clearomiser to vary the sensations.

  •        For heavy smokers (more than 20 cigarettes per day)

If you can’t rest your brain for at least 30 minutes without nicotine, you need a durable e-cigarette that can meet your needs for more than 20 hours in a day.

Here, it is the autonomy of liquid and energy which are essential, also, it will be advisable to adopt a kit equipped with a large battery (like 2500 to 4000 mAh) and a large clearomizer to hold the rhythm. Indeed, a large energy autonomy will prevent breaks for “recharging” while a large clearomizer will allow you to store much more liquid and to a large extent, nicotine.

2- Choose your first electronic cigarette according to its ergonomics and aesthetics

More than a nicotine substitute, the electronic cigarette is also a fashion tool for many vapers. Today, there are electronic cigarettes designed with very noble materials ranging from leather to gold plating.

On the ergonomic side, some kits are provided to facilitate your daily use. Starting based on the categories, the pods are thus placed at the top of the best ergonomic e-cigs, moreover, most of them start heating by suction. As a result, all you have to do is insert the cartridge and inhale to receive your dose. 

3-    Choose your first electronic cigarette according to your e-liquid

The mission of an electronic cigarette comes down to bringing out the sensations and flavours provided by an e-liquid. As first-time vapers, you can ask your device to reproduce the aromas and hit sensations of your old smokes of light cigarettes with menthol, for example. That said, some models will not be able to perfectly reproduce these sensations of bitter freshness and flavour despite the good quality of the e-liquid for the simple and unique reason that their resistances are unsuitable.

In the same perspective, e-liquids rich in VG put some electronic cigarettes difficult due to the viscosity of the juice, resulting in low vapour production.

As you will have understood, it is essential to find out about the compatibility of an electronic cigarette with a particular e-liquid (which is likely to become your favourite) before buying it.