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The best summer e-liquids to vape

Cold drink, refreshing bath and a nice place in the shade: in summer we especially want to cool off! But, even on the hottest days, it is not necessary to give up the pleasure of a relaxing vape: the important thing is to choose the right aromas! Here are the best summer aromas to vape for an unforgettable season.

The perfect solution to enjoy your cloud of steam even during a day with high humidity is to prefer the e-liquid and the most refreshing aromas, possibly creating your customized e-liquid, and keep aside those more decided and creamy for when winter will return. Mentholated, fresh and fruity are the ideal aromas for the summer season.

The best summer flavourings are mentholated

An almost icy feeling of freshness is an assured experience if you choose a mentholated electronic cigarette liquid. For this reason, these categories of aromas are the most popular during the hot season.

Pure mint-based electronic cigarette liquids can give you an ice-cold experience, to say the least! What can you imagine more pleasant when the streets of the city are affected by the sun? If you then add a touch of eucalyptus to the mint, the refreshing effect is guaranteed!

Don’t know which one to try first? Here are some tips:

  • A pure peppermint extract with a real ice effect.
  • Classic Mint and Mint Mix: two combinations where menthol meets peppermint or a bouquet of herbs respectively for a fresh and balsamic effect.
  • Drop Ice: not an e-liquid but a pure mint aroma to be mixed with base liquid.

The best fruity aromas for the summer

If you don’t want to stop at the sensation of freshness but also look for an aromatic pleasure with an irresistible taste, fruity liquids are another excellent choice for the hot season.

  • Super Flavor Mojito: a concentrated aroma of rum, lime and fresh mint, because summer is above all a state of mind!
  • Aroma is based on prickly pear and tangerine for an icy effect that will take you directly to the shores of our Mediterranean.
  • Coca-cola: a flavoured aroma of the most popular drink in the world to mix with your base liquid in the concentration you prefer.
  • A fruity with hints of prickly pear and papaya, also available in the Ice version with menthol.
  • Fruit, fruit and more fruit! A real fruit salad to taste in the carbonated form to feel always on holiday.

The best tobacco and creamy liquids for the summer

Creamy and tobacco aromas are generally associated with the winter season, thanks to their intense and persistent taste, it is possible to enjoy them even in the hottest period: the secret is to choose those with a small refreshing addition that lightens the whole.

If you prefer creamy aromas, try one of these tips:

  • Something creamy base of milk is accompanied by notes of mango and mint, practically a real cocktail to be vaped!
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and in general all the aromas with hints of ice cream. Choose the taste you prefer!

If, however, you can not give up the scents of tobacco, try the tobacco liquids of flavour: these are very light and fresh combinations that will be appreciated even in the heart of the hot season!