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What is an e-cigarette vape pen or tube?

The electronic cigarette tube or vape pen is the first form of e-cig to flood the market and be used for the end of smoking. It has become a great classic in the vaping universe. In a compact format, it is most often the first choice for neophyte vapers. However, this tubular e-cigarette has constantly reinvented itself to offer more performance to attract all types of vapers. Nowadays, it comes in various formats with different capacities and autonomy. If you want to know what today’s tube electronic cigarette refers to, zoom in on its definition and its many variations.

A tube electronic cigarette: a tubular e-cig and what else? 

It is an electronic cigarette with a tubular and slim shape. Between a pod and a box, its appearance is reminiscent of a traditional cigarette. It is generally for this characteristic that some vapers choose it out of nostalgia for their former life as smokers. 

In addition to this, its compact size is accompanied by a simple, discreet and elegant design that is very popular with vapers. The e-cig never exceeds 20 cm in length. It easily goes unnoticed in the same way as a traditional cigarette. 

This e-cig is suitable for any profile of vaper, beginner or seasoned, due to its rather powerful functionalities and its significant autonomy. In a very intuitive format, it is easy to use and handle. But still, it offers excellent value for money. 

What is an electronic cigarette tube or vape pen made of? 

All e-cigarettes consist of three main elements: the battery, the clearomizer and the switch. A vape pen or tubular format model is no exception. However, the differences are in the characteristics of these components. 


The battery of an e-cig tube is either integrated or removable. It is generally of the lithium type. Its operation may require the use of 18650, 20700 or 21700 type batteries. This depends on the models. These accumulators are generally used to obtain additional autonomy. It is a must-have for any nomadic or experienced vaper.

In general, vape pen cigarettes are equipped with an LED sensor in different colours indicating and alerting the charge level of their battery. They are also equipped with a USB port to allow the recharging of this battery. 

The clearomizer or the atomizer

This is the component located on the upper part of the electronic cigarette. It can be removable or integrated into the whole cigarette. It houses the resistance of the device, the element in charge of heating the e-liquid and producing steam. It also has a reservoir which is used to contain the juice to be heated. 

The button or switch

This is the main button of an electronic cigarette, tube format or otherwise. If pressed continuously, it activates the production of steam by passing a current through the resistance. 5 successive presses on it turn the cigarette on or off. Note that a tubular e-cig can have other buttons for more setting options. These are usually displayed on its LED screen. 

The electronic cigarette tube: what are the variants? 

Admittedly, an electronic cigarette vape pen is characterized by its elongated shape. However, it can come in different variations. 

The mechanical tubes

How to talk about the e-cig tube without mentioning its mechanical tube format? This is the most streamlined form of this vaping device. A mechanical tube cigarette has no electronic components. It has a simple operation and is essentially equipped with a battery, a switch and a clearomizer. Despite its simple format, its use requires some expertise. 

Electronic tubes

As opposed to the mechanical tube, the electronic tube is characterized by an interior equipped with an electronic circuit offering many adjustment options. This model generally has a large diameter to be able to house this circuit well. It comes in two versions: 

18650 tubes: these cigarettes generally have an electronic device located alongside the battery. They are thinner and offer more or less greater autonomy thanks to a battery of approximately 3000 mAh.

Tubes in 21,700: this format is characterized by greater autonomy delivered by a battery of approximately 4,000 mAh. However, this variant is about 3mm thicker than the other. This difference impacts the quality of handling of electronic cigarettes. It can also affect the tubular design of the e-cig and displease purists.

AOI or All-In-One tubes

Quite simply, they are “all-in-one” tube electronic cigarettes. This variant is an inseparable model in one piece, with no separate battery or clearomizer. It is seducing for its easy handling and use. It only requires the replacement of the resistors, once they are worn out. It only has a switch for activating the cigarette and launching the vaping process.