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How to change an electronic cigarette resistance?

In the life of a clearomizer, there always comes the inevitable moment when you wonder how to change the resistance of your electronic cigarette. Reception of a vaper, a new atomizer, a new e-liquid or even the appearance of a burnt taste, no worries, we will teach you how to initiate a resistance for sure. If the frequency of changing the coils of electronic cigarettes depends on your consumption and the type of e-liquid you use, what is certain is that you have to observe a few small manipulations to make your coils last as long as possible.

When to change an electronic cigarette coil?

A little reminder for beginner vapers! An electronic cigarette resistor is a small metal part, made up of resistive wire and cotton/ceramic, which is found inside the clearomiser of your vaper. Thanks to the battery and once in contact with e-liquid, it will allow vaporization of the last. Electronic cigarette coils are available in several formats and values. You will find resistances without threading, resistances which screw and finally resistances to make yourself thanks to the assembly of the reconstructable atomizers. Important information to remember: the power range in watts to use is written directly on the resistance! When changing the resistance of the vape, remember to look carefully at the power recommended by the manufacturer.

How to properly prime and electronic cigarette coil?

In the case of a clearomizer already in your possession and a burnt taste, we advise you to pass the rest of the clearomizer of your vape under lukewarm water. This will eliminate any residual flavour that may persist after changing the electronic cigarette coil. Take advantage of this moment when you change the wick of your electronic cigarette to clean the screw thread and the location of the resistance to prepare the ground! Removing a resistance from CE remains the privileged moment for a complete cleaning of your atomizer or your clearomizer.

Soak to properly prime the resistance

With the new resistance in one hand and a  bottle of e-liquid in the other, we will first start by soaking the cotton (in moderation!). The e-liquid bottles with a thin tip will make your job easier.

 Place the resistor in your clearomiser

You are only a few minutes away from the end of replacing your electronic cigarette coil and you will finally be able to vape.

Close your airflow (air inlets) and then place, screw or clip your well-soaked resistance in your clearomiser. Fill your electronic cigarette tank reasonably, but not too much, to start your resistance well. To find out more and become unbeatable on the vape, also consider reading our tutorial on filling an electronic cigarette with liquid!

Finish initiating a resistance

Make sure that the airflow of your clearomizer is always well closed, and without starting your battery (very important, otherwise back to square one) blow and inhale gently through the drip-tip. Indeed, many vapers and vapers have had the reflex to press the Fire button as soon as the coil is on and the tank is filled with e-liquid. The resistance not having had enough time to see its well-impregnated cotton burn and there, it is the guaranteed burnt taste!

All you have to do is wait a little bit, 5 minutes, to be sure that the initiation of the resistance is complete. We advise you to start at a lower wattage than the resistance’s usual range of use. You can then go back to the wattage recommended by the manufacturer and vape! Remember, of course, to reopen your airflow;) If you have any doubts about how to change your electronic cigarette resistance, refer to the instructions for use of your clearomizer, it will necessarily be informed.

Now you know when and how to change an electronic cigarette coil. If you have another method when changing your electronic cigarette resistance, share it in the comments!