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Preparing the Rocket tank for use

Preparing the Rocket tank for use

Preparing the Rocket tank for use is very simple; simply untwist the bottom to expose the e-liquid chamber and twist the bottom back on when you finished. On the bottom of the tank, you’ll also see a few air holes.


Twist the bottom to expose more air holes and the VaporFi Rocket will generate airy, cool vapor. As you cover the holes, the draw will compress and the vapor will become warmer.

To sum it up, e-smokers found the performance of the VaporFi Rocket to be very good. It can be compared with the eGo e-cigarette with which it primarily competes. It’s only slightly larger than most eGo versions, but the smooth stainless exterior makes it much easier in usage than many of the eGo e-cigarettes many companies are marketing.

Moreover, the difference in vapor generation between the Rocket and an eGo e-cigarette is great. The VaporFi isn’t cheap, but it’s of high quality and is guarantee that both new and experienced e-smokers will find it very appealling and worth ivesting.

When it comes to spending money, smokers make a research about the product, analyze and eventually make a decision whether it is the best for them. As for the VaporFi Rocket, smokers do not think much, they simply act and purchase the item that will serve faithfully to them for a long time.