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eGo-W Review

eGo-W Review

Filling the eGo-W cartomizer is quite simple if compared to some of the other cartomizers used by smokers. The one thing to bear in mind is that there’s a thin silicone barrier under the filling hole, which helps to prevent leaking.

The barrier creates resistance when you fill the eGo-W cartomizer. That is why, you really have to jam the needle in there. Knowing when you need to refill is also easy, since the cartomizer’s outer cover has a little window on the side. With 2 ml of e-liquid storage, the eGo-W should be functioning for at least a day if you’ve picked the required nicotine strength.

The eGo-W works long as much as you avoid rattling it around too much. Although the silicone barrier at the top of the cartomizer helps to prevent e-liquid from leaking, it, nevertheless, doesn’t do prevent it from leaking into the heating coil chamber faster than the coil can vaporize it.

At this moment, the eGo-W starts to gurgle and vapor generation drops considerably. It might not be always easy to carry it in a pocket or purse. But you probably won’t encounter this problem if your eGo-W stays on a desk all day. This is actually a way out to smoke it only at home as not everyone likes to do it in public.