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Another E-Cigarette problem: no vapor production

Another E-Cigarette problem: no vapor production

E-cigarette industry is still quite new and not familiar to everyone. Although great innovations have been made in the last years, you may still encounter occasional e-cigarette problems and it can be useful to be aware how to solve them.

The most frequent problem you might encounter with your e-cigarette is that you puff on it and no vapor is generated. Why does it take place? The most logical reason is that the heating coil in the atomizer or cartomizer is dry. But, it could also happen due to a part failure or just because it has come time to recharge the battery.

If you ever experience a problem such as no vapor with your e-cigarette, check that you are working with a fully charged battery or connect at once the atomizer or cartomizer to a USB e-cigarette. Since this solves one potential point of failure, you’ll find that it can be a very helpful method.

This best way for troubleshooting depends on the method you are using to deliver liquid to the heating coil. If you are using a pre-filled cartomizer or disposable e-cigarette cartridge, it’s either time to moisten the soft filling with a little e-liquid or to discard the cartridge or cartomizer and connect a new one.