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NJOY Kings – Conclusion

NJOY Kings - Conclusion

The NJOY King obtains high marks for its great look and unique smoking sensations, its attractive size and good sense of nicotine satisfaction; although one may say the flavor and amount of vapor generated aren’t showy.

One may ask whether it is something that can replace a full e-cigarette kit for routine usage. Not everyone would claim something like that.

The problem is that it simply costs too much. That is why; you may need to end up spending more on it than you would on classic cigarettes in most stores locally and online.

With a full e-cigarette kit, e-smoking costs peanuts per day unless you’re an inveterate smoker. But the NJOY King is anyway worth purchasing if you’re still smoking cigarettes and want to realize what switching to e-cigarettes would look like. As for flavors, flavor versions may not be so important to some, but for those for whom it does;

Blu as competitor offers more flavors beyond classic tobacco and menthol, including cherry and vanilla. Some smokers do not prefer to enjoy cherry or vanilla: they want an eCig to taste pretty much like an ashtray, but there are some who may enjoy the more exotic flavors.

However, it may seem too expensive to use full-time, only occasionally for better relaxation.