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ProVari P3 – the positive aspects

ProVari P3 – the positive aspects

This cigarette is technically very well elaborated. The included extension collars allow support for all three popular battery types. Terrific fit and finish; improved display features, battery monitoring and more safety features.

Best performance; vapor generation remains consistent until the battery is fully drained. Unlike most pen cigarettes, ProVape e-cigarettes are created to accommodate a larger battery providing you more power and a single battery life between 7-10 strong hours.

The brand offers several models of smokeless cigarettes to fit your needs. The ProVape1 functions with low-resistance atomizers and cartomizers. It has a strong, thick pull. The ProVari is a variable voltage e-cigarette that permits you to select your preferred voltage setting so you can dial in the ideal amount of throat hit and vapor you like.

These branded electronic cigarettes are personal vaporizers with nicotine doses in each inhale indicating you get the same feeling and warm sensation that classic cigarettes offer but with the durable and lasting attributes of e-cigarettes. ProVape nicotine vaporizers symbolize no combustion, tobacco, smoke, smell or ash. It is a pure process of satisfaction and saturation.