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Halo G6 Refill Cartridges

Halo G6 Refill Cartridges

The cartridge is one of the most important developments in electronic cigarette technology to date. It provides satisfaction to many electronic smokers. That is why, very soon it becomes an essential part of every e-smoking routine.

So, as soon as a company sells you an e-cigarette kit, the only possible way they can continue making money is by selling you refill cartridges or bottled e-cigarette liquid. That is why; companies that don’t sell e-liquid by the bottle often make their cartridges impossible to open so you’ll be obliged to refill them.

Since Halo produces its own e-liquids, they’re just more than satisfied when you buy it in bottles or pre-filled cartridges. Consequently, Halo’s cartridges are easy to open with a fingernail. Once the cartridge is open, put a little liquid from a bottle until the white gauze inside the cartridge looks wet and replace the stopper.

If you decide that you need to spend less by buying bottled e-liquids, Halo offers 18 different flavors at a very accessible price each. Empty Halo G6 cartridges cost fine per pack of five and you can expect to fill each one a few times before the heating coil starts to come down and cause decreased vapor generation. Your final choice is to buy pre-filled cartridges. These are currently available in eight different flavors. The pre-filled flavors are similar to those available by the bottle.