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Today, pods themselves and, accordingly, their components are gaining more and more popularity, so let’s figure out what to look at and how to buy cartridges for electronic cigarettes. Simultaneously, we will together check the Juul competitors UK distribution products.

The classic POD Eleaf Elven is one of the successful Juul competitors UK distribution products, which is equipped One of the most compact POD systems is the Demon Killer JBOX, capable of working with cartridges from Juul and equipped with a retractable tank.

The Demon Killer JBOX casing is made of steel, and its dimensions are only 62 mm in height and 42 mm by 13 mm along the edges, which is not much larger than the Zippo lighter. With a cursory glance, it is not possible to detect a drip tip, and this feature has become the most interesting solution in the device.

The volume of the tank is 0.7 ml, which is a little, but quite enough for the POD system.

What Demon Killer could still stand out with was a very good presentation and design, since it’s very nice to hold a kind of steel brick in your hands, and the ability to click on the slider and hide the cartridge in the case brings a lot of joy to the hover process.

The classic POD Eleaf Elven, equipped with adjustable tightening options, vertical spirals and a steel casing.

Elven is made of stainless steel, which gives the body strength and endurance, and its dimensions are 100 mm in height and 10 mm by 20 mm along the edges, so that the mod can be hidden in an average palm.

Air is taken in through a single hole in the steel casing, and if you turn the tank 180 degrees, the inhalation becomes tighter, so there are 2 options for traction to choose from, which pods rarely boast. In two cases, the puff will turn out to be cigarette and very tight, which is good for such a device.

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