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How new vapers select juice flavors with nicotine

The choice of refilling to e-cigarettes can be attributed to the eternal question. When entering the vape-shop or visiting online store, one doesn’t know where to look first as the users see the proposed vape juice flavors list. It’s good for those vapers who have already tried many e-liquid brands and determined which ones fit perfectly. But newcomers in this matter have a hard time. We will give you some tips to help you decide.

The first thing that a beginning vaper pays attention to is e-liquid flavors. If you do not smoke regular cigarettes, then we recommend starting from the preferences in food. For example, you are a fan of sweet baking. In this case, you will like dessert flavors: cookies, cheesecake, chocolate, donuts, etc. For those who seem to have these scents too cloying, pay attention to premium fruit juice brands. Unobtrusive taste is considered a classic combination of milk, cream and cereal.

But ex-smokers advise starting with tobacco. The fact is that taste buds are used to long-term smoking and can sharply perceive flavors in juices. In order not to spoil the impression of a vaping, it is better to start with tobacco. And if in the chosen liquid you still do not have the taste of tobacco, get flavor separately. To date, there are many aromas that in theory repeat the taste of certain brands of cigarettes. Just do not get carried away, for a bottle of liquid you only need one drop.

The refilling strength is the next aspect when choosing cheap premium vape juice is. This question is quite complicated, but we will try to find out how much of the e-liquid nicotine the novice should begin with.
We advise only vape juice brands without nicotine to vapers who did not smoke cigarettes before.

But it is meaningless for the ex-smokers to buy zero instead of vape juice flavors with nicotine. Having a physical dependence on nicotine, the body can not quickly adapt to withdrawal. It is another matter to gradually reduce consumption.