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Philip Morris International plans to stop producing cigarettes in the world to sell only smokeless products like IQOS, for which it already encourages dealers to promote their IQOS Canada online selling business.

Last September, Altria, a company with a business in the field of electronic cigars, which will no longer merge with PMI, as planned, however, both companies support an agreement to sell a tobacco heater in Canada.

PMI, a leader in the tobacco industry, said that although an electronic cigarette heats a solution containing nicotine, the device they are going to sell in Mexico heats tobacco without burning it. They will encourage their dealers to promote their IQOS Canada online selling business.

In both cases, clear regulation is needed to prevent minors from accessing these products and ensure health control for the safety of adult consumers, the company said.

In 2019, the Canadian authorities still allow the sale of IQOS in this market. Dealers are encouraged to promote their IQOS Canada online selling business.

PMI plans to stop producing cigars in the world to sell only smokeless products, including this electronic device that heats the tobacco blend without causing combustion.

This is a long-term strategy, within which more than 350 scientists and where great investments were donated both for the development of new products, and for research and development. For instance, for the reconversion of factories dedicated to the production of traditional cigars.

Without giving details in this regard, the company announced that it plans to offer adult smokers such a device and begin selling it in the Canadian market as soon as possible. Although, the company is already announcing IQOS over the Internet. And it encourages its distributors to promote the IQOS Canada online selling business.

The company is interested to promote its smoke-free products.

Philip Morris says that perfect regulation should strike a balance between: encouraging smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke to smokeless foods and protecting minors and non-smokers.

The company’s goal by 2025 is to eliminate paper tobacco in order to reduce the consumption of smokers to 55 million or migrating to nicotine-containing devices without smoke, such as IQOS, which in just two years have reached millions people and forced them to go to this product.