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From its first appearance in the year 2000 until today, the electronic cigarette has undergone many changes. It is enough to see the current market to realize this and above all, to recognize that the range has undergone clear changes. The time of the cigar-likes seems distant today since, on the shelves of specialized brands, we only see mods. And here again, there are various categories: mechanics and electronics. Before differentiating them, you should know that the budget is not the same for the two products. We advise you to view our article to know the costs of the electronic cigarette. So you are tempted by a mecha mod or an electronic box? We are going to answer how to choose your electronic cigarette in 2022.

What does mod mean?

Before choosing between Mechanical Mod and Electronic Mod, you must first understand what a Mod is.

Originally, the first electronic cigarettes were content to allow the vaporization of an e-liquid without the possibility of adjustments or personalization. The device was however a huge success because it landed as an alternative to the traditional cigarette.

In terms of design, this is very similar to the traditional cigarette. In the shape of a pen, it is barely a little longer than the classic cigarette. Smokers quickly adapted to it since not only does its shape recall that of a cigarette, but also the gestures are identical (grip and aspiration in the mouth).

Difference between an electronic mod and a mech mod in 2022

When we talk about Mod, we distinguish two main families:

  • Mechanical Mods
  • electronic mods

Both are more advanced, but the sensations offered are very different. In both cases, buying an electronic or mechanical mod means deciding to make a lasting investment that you have to think about beforehand. Given the cost of these devices, it is better to know exactly what is expected of the vape to choose the material that will be adapted to your profile. Are you a beginner and you are looking for a complete electronic cigarette to start vaping?

What is a mechanical mod in the vape?

Reserved for experienced vapers the mechanical e-cigarette has no electronics. The customization possibilities are therefore limited, but beware, if you master the device well, you can easily reach what vapers consider to be the nirvana of vaping, the sweet spot. The latter translates as a perfect balance between sensations and once you reach it, you don’t want to do without it. It is this effect that some consumers are looking for in the Mechanical Mod. The sweet spot is roughly the best possible ratio between the output voltage of your battery and the resistance of your clearomizer or atomizer.

Before using it, be aware that this device consists of a tube most of the time, but is also in box format, it has a slot for the batteries, a contact button and a base to fix the reconstructable atomiser or the clearomiser. The mecha mod is also the specialist in sub-ohm and large clouds. It can thus increase in tension to provide a raw, smooth and authentic vape to users of mechanical mode.

To work, the mechanical mod needs a battery. Also called cell or battery, it must be inserted into the tube. It is essential to choose the right type of battery because the latter determines the autonomy of the device. On the market, there are 18350, 18650, 18500, 20700, and 21700 batteries. In general, the larger the battery, the more autonomy it offers, but you will also have to pay the price. The only downside with mechanical mods is that at the beginning of the vape, the fully charged battery offers an intense and exceptional vape. As it empties, the production of vapour is reduced. It will be up to you to determine its remaining autonomy and not to empty it for its good lifespan. The use of an MTL atomizer will allow a longer duration of vaping and if you are looking for autonomy, we have prepared an article for you on which type of inhalation to choose?

Mechanical mods are now collector’s items. They are very popular with “modders”, these craftsmen who make rare and sometimes unique pieces. These custom-made mods are often very expensive since they are not mass-produced and are made of noble materials. It may even be that the manufactured mod can show a unique serial number. Like the mechanical mod brand THC (Thunderhead Creations) which numbers its parts, making it unique.

Compared with the electronic mod, the mechanical mod requires maintenance, it is more robust, easy to repair and rarely breaks down. Nevertheless, its use requires more caution, because failure to comply with the safety instructions can be dangerous for the vaper.

What is an Electronic Mod in 2022?

Unlike the mechanical mod, it is not necessary to be an expert since the electronic mod is equipped with electronic components and safety. Thanks to the latter, the possibilities of personalization are more numerous and more advanced. Among its features, we can mention the temperature control, essential for a question of safety, but also the flavour of the vapour. It is also possible to vary the power delivered by the battery or rechargeable batteries. You have access thanks to the screens of the electronic boxes to puff counters, to the value of your resistance, to a curve mode, even the bypass is often offered!

The hybrid mode, a secure mecha vape?

 The Hybrid mod could be roughly called a mechanical electronic cigarette. It allows you to vape in a semi-mechanical mode while keeping a few safeguards and avoiding accidents in case the mastery of Ohm’s law is not effective. Indeed, pin 510 of the clearomiser is no longer in direct contact with the positive pole, often made up of only a small electronic circuit and it will be able to protect against reverse polarity and short circuits. You will still have to refer to the security to be taken. Going through electronics, you will not have the same vape as on a full mech, but this one will come close.