Just best e-cigarettes


Over the years, manufacturers of vaping equipment have expanded their offer by imagining new types of electronic cigarettes. Despite the diversity of formats offered, all e-cigarette models continue to operate according to an immutable principle: a battery delivers electricity to a resistor which, by heating, will allow the vaporization of the e-liquid contained in the tank. However, each model has its ergonomics and characteristics that will meet the needs and expectations of different profiles of vapers, from beginners to the most experienced.


The pod, or pod mod, is an electronic device that is characterized by its compactness. Its often flattened shape allows it to slip discreetly into a pocket or handbag. Despite its small size, it has ample autonomy for a low-power vape.

Easy to use, the pod format requires little handling and maintenance. Filling its cartridge with e-liquid and changing its resistance is within everyone’s reach. A simplicity of use that will particularly suit beginner vapers looking for a discreet and easy-to-live on-the-go device daily.

Another major asset, the pod is a device that is displayed at extremely attractive prices.

Tube kits

The tubular kit is the oldest and best-known electronic cigarette format. Originally, these models were the size of a pen and approached the cylindrical appearance of a real cigarette. Today, manufacturers have declined this electronic cigarette format in different sizes which determines the autonomy and power of the model. 

Also called AIO for “All in one”, in other words, “all-in-one”, this basic electronic cigarette format offers a great comfort of use. Composed of a tubular battery and an integrated or removable tank, the tube kit does not generally require any adjustment. The battery has a simple button that is used to trigger the vaporization and to turn the electronic cigarette on and off.

Most tube-type models work with an integrated battery that will be recharged on the mains via a USB port like a mobile phone. The most sophisticated models are sometimes equipped with an external battery which is preferable to recharge using a battery charger.

As you will have understood, the tubular format will mainly appeal to beginner vapers who wish to acquire a simple, discreet and efficient vaping device. But the variety of models available on the market makes it an electronic cigarette that is also very popular with experienced vapers who are more likely to turn to the most powerful models.

Box kits

More imposing than the previous formats, the box format is certainly the most popular electronic cigarette on the market, discretion no longer necessarily being a primary criterion in the choice of material. Why such an interest? For a very simple reason: the kit box is the best alternative for those wishing to personalize and develop their practice of vaping.

This type of electronic cigarette owes its English name box to its rectangular shape which is reminiscent of a small box. A cubic morphology that offers a comfortable grip and ensures very good stability when placed on a table.  

The success of the box format is explained by its many advantages.

The battery works with an integrated or removable battery which gives it good autonomy. Long hours of vaping are yours without having to look for a power outlet! Some can even accommodate two to three external batteries to allow even greater autonomy and power. So don’t be surprised to see small 30-watt boxes alongside large 220-watt steam engines.

Equipped with adjustment buttons, the box mainly allows you to select your vape parameters in the menu displayed on your screen. There are different power modes intended to satisfy the expectations and needs of each vaper. An undeniable plus to discover the full range of possibilities in the balance of flavours and steam!   

The kit box is generally equipped with a tank perfectly adapted to the performance of the battery. A real perfect couple! You may have suspected it a little but it is better to remember it: the most powerful batteries are also the most versatile and the most scalable since they can accommodate all types of clearomizers. A criterion that will be important for those who would like to try  Power Vaping.

With such a combo, you are sure to practice a vape that looks like you!