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E-Cigarette tank system

E-Cigarette tank system

The e-cigarette tank is a device that is a key to resolve one of the most common problems encountered by smokers of large e-cigarettes such as the Inferno and Lavatube. With these large e-cigarettes, it is generated so much vapor that it often becomes important to replenish a standard attachment such as a Boge cartomizer a few times every day.

This makes it necessary to bring a bottle of e-liquid if you’re going to be outdoors for a while. An e-cigarette tank surrounds a cartomizer with a small hole punched in the side. As you use the cartomizer, osmosis draws e-liquid from the tank into the cartomizer through the punched hole. Consequently, an e-cigarette tank holds more e-liquid than other e-cigarette attachments.

The most know e-cigarette tank is maybe the Tube Tank by Volcano. It’s presented in two sizes, holding either 4 or 7 ml of e-liquid. It’s also available in a low-resistance version for single-voltage e-cigarettes and a high-resistance version for variable-voltage e-cigarettes. In this article we’ll explain the basic principles of the e-cigarette tank and help you come to your own conclusion.

To replenish one, pull the cartomizer straight down until you can drip e-liquid from a bottle into the tank’s reservoir. Do this until you’ve got a good amount of e-liquid in the tank and push the cartomizer back up. Replenish the cartomizer as you would any standard Boge-type cartomizer, press on a drip tip and go. The picture suggests replenishing the cartomizer directly from a bottle, but we would recommend using a syringe or needling tip bottle to inject the e-liquid directly to the bottom of the cartomizer.

You only need to carry out this complicated process the first time you replenish your e-cigarette tank and again each time you purchase a new cartomizer, which you’ll probably need to do about once a month. While you go on using the original cartomizer, you can replenish the e-cigarette tank from time to time by pushing the cartomizer down and adding e-liquid directly to the tank.