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When To Change The Resistance Of An Electronic Cigarette?

The life of a vaper includes an essential or even essential step: changing the resistance of your electronic cigarette. Why change the resistance of your electronic cigarette? How long does an electronic cigarette coil last? So many questions that beginner vapers and vapers can ask themselves and for which we will provide you with precise and concrete answers.

It should indeed be known that the resistance of an electronic cigarette is a wear part, ie which has a limited lifespan. Thanks to the heat it releases, the resistance transforms the e-liquid into vapour. After some use of your electronic cigarette, the resistance will lose efficiency and performance. The replacement of the resistance is then necessary. Ideally, it is also advisable to replace the resistance when changing the flavour of e-liquid so as not to mix the aromas. However, this is not an obligation in this case.

Several indicators should alert you that your resistance is worn and tired. A change of resistance is necessary when:

– The volume of steam is less than usual.

– The restitution of flavours is less good or even unpleasant.

-The cotton part of the resistance gets dirty and blackens.

The lifetime of a resistor is variable and several parameters must be taken into account. This depends in particular on the profile of each vaper and the intensity of the vaping. The more a vaper uses his electronic cigarette, the faster he will have to change resistance. It is difficult to give a lifespan in days or e-liquid consumption as it differs according to the vapers. Most coils have a lifespan of around 15 to 20 fills. This is given to you as an indication but gives you an idea of ​​the lifespan of an electronic cigarette coil.

Depending on the electronic cigarette models, the change procedure is different. For some models, the change of resistance is done by unscrewing the top of the tank and then removing the old resistance. For other models, it is necessary to unscrew the clearomizer from the battery, unscrew the base of the tank and remove the old resistance. For each model of electronic cigarette, the procedure for installing and changing the resistance is given in the user manual. We strongly recommend that you read the instructions for use of your electronic cigarette before changing the resistance.