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Electronic cigarette: how does it work?

This device allows you to vape, taking advantage of the different flavours of e-liquid. Chocolate, biscuit, or even more full-bodied and woody tastes, you will have a large choice of flavours to try with an electronic cigarette.

If the world of vaping fascinates you and you want to discover the joys of vaping, you must first learn about how an electronic cigarette works.

Here is everything you need to know about the electronic cigarette, between mode of operation, mode of use, and health hazards.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette also called “e-cigarette”, is an innovative device that allows you to produce dense and fragrant water vapour, called “vape”, by heating e-liquid.

Unlike the traditional cigarette which is harmful to health, and produces smoke, thanks to the combustion of chemicals, the electronic cigarette heats an e-liquid to generate vapour, it is, therefore, less harmful to health. By using an electronic cigarette you are not smoking, you are vaping.

But what is an electronic cigarette made of?

A rechargeable battery, which allows you a certain autonomy during your uses, and which supplies energy to the resistance;

A resistor that heats the e-liquid to form the vapour you inhale;

A tip called “Drip Tip” to suck up the flavoured vapour;

A tank in which you will place your different e-liquids.

This aerosol is widely used for smoking cessation and is effective in gently overcoming your addictions. 

How to use an electronic cigarette?

Using an electronic cigarette is simple and within everyone’s reach. Whether it’s to wean you off tobacco or simply to enjoy the pleasures of vaping, this little gem of technology will meet your needs.

Discovering the world of vaping will make you enjoy the pleasures of the different flavours of e-liquids. If you want to get into the electronic cigarette, here is the user guide:

Start by putting your electronic cigarette to charge, using the USB cable provided in the kit;

Place the clearomiser in the box by screwing it;

Set up the resistor provided in the tank;

Fill the tank of the electronic cigarette with the e-liquid of your choice;

All you have to do is turn on your vape, by pressing the “Start” button several times.

However, remember to carefully read the instructions for your device before use, to ensure safe vaping.

You can also adjust the vaping power that suits you best, produce dense vapour and enjoy intense flavours.

Are electronic cigarettes dangerous for health?

The traditional cigarette represents a real danger to health and can cause many cancers. Switching from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes is, therefore, a good way to avoid exposure to this type of disease.

On the other hand, scientists do not have enough perspective to precisely define the effects of electronic cigarettes on health.

The e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes contain different chemicals that are inhaled while vaping.

Do these substances represent a health hazard? This is what we will see in the following:

The e-liquid contains vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which make it possible to densify the vapour generated, for the pleasure of consumers;

The flavourings and colourings used are food-grade, and therefore they pose no threat to the consumer;

As for nicotine, the doses used are low and therefore are not dangerous to health.

Nicotine is available in different dosages in e-liquids, it is non-carcinogenic and allows former tobacco smokers to reduce their consumption, minimizing the effects of withdrawal.