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VaporFi Rebel II – The Rebel Tank

VaporFi Rebel II - The Rebel Tank

There is no secret, that no review of the VaporFi Rebel II would be complete without a detailed discussion of the included tank. Despite the fact that many e-smokers have switched from cartomizers to tank systems over the past year or two, we’ve made a pause and have continued to use dual-coil cartomizers up till this day.

Unfortunately, tank systems have always failed in one of two categories. Either they’re made of plastic and change the flavor of the e-liquid you’re using, or they fail to feed the e-liquid in a proper way and simply generate intensive, dry puffs. The Rebel tank is the first tank that’s actually raised a furor.

Reviewing the VaporFi Rebel II, we’ve found that the vapor generated by the tank tastes almost exactly the same as what we’d expect from the cartomizers we are used to. This indicates that, in out subjective opinion, the Rebel tank has an extra accurate flavor reproduction (the most accurate of any tank we’ve used).

The included drip tip is a stainless steel, although the tank should be able to accommodate most 510 drip tips if you like something else. The tank has a collar that you can turn to adjust airflow to your liking; the collar locks into each position with a satisfying “click.”

The Rebel Tank symbolizes high capacity, easy to fill function, and nothing but a pleasure in use; it’s the perfect match for anyone who wants the best vaping process. This kind of e-smoking is incredible! Try it! Everyone from vaping newcomers to the most inveterate vapers get access to this most technologically advanced electronic cigarettes phenomenon and personal vaporizers.