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V2 Pro Series 3 in combination with a Tobacco or Essential Oil Vaporizer

V2 Pro Series 3 in combination with a Tobacco or Essential Oil Vaporizer

Some smokers sometimes, when testing a certain e-cig, may face one obstacle – an inability to test the device as a tobacco or essential oil vaporizer. Since the upgrade to e-cigarettes, smokers no longer use tobacco products because of the concern that it might cause back tobacco smoking.

This is definitely something you can appreciate if you’ve made the switch to full-time e-smoking process. Addition, V2’s essential oil cartridge has not yet been launched as of the time of review compiling. However, very soon, afterwards the essential oil cartridge was released in September 2014. It will also support nicotine gels and waxes. Not so many people are familiar with these products, but we can imagine that nicotine gels and waxes might become demanded if e-liquids should ever become more difficult to purchase locally or via internet.

If you use the V2 Pro Series 3 as a tobacco vaporizer, you can expect the chamber to have a temperature between 160-180 degrees Celsius and can enjoy about 12 vaporizing courses between battery charges. If you now use a vaporizer with a built-in herb chamber, you will like the idea that the V2 Pro Series 3 uses a removable chamber which should be much easier to clean.

The V2 Pro Series 3 has gained an incredible popularity when it comes to size and weight. It feels very comfortable and natural in the hand which makes holding it a pleasure.

It shall not be an exaggeration to confirm that this e-cig has taken the e-cig industry by storm and is definitely difficult to fight. The immense benefits that come along with this branded e-cig certainly make it worth an upgrade and excellent e-smoking experience.