Just best e-cigarettes

The e-cigarette that suits you best

The electronic cigarette is a good alternative for smoking healthily and in public places without constraint. With all the different models on the market, choosing an e-cigarette is not easy.

If you are the discreet “smoker” type, the mini e-cigarette would be ideal because firstly, it looks a lot like an ordinary tobacco cigarette, which will give the user the possibility of reproducing all the gestures of a classic cigarette. . Secondly, the small size of this model makes handling and transporting it easy and discreet. It is small in the pocket or a handbag. On the other hand, heavy smokers would not be satisfied with the mini model since it is a little weaker in autonomy and power.

Rather, heavy smokers are advised to adopt “Mods” type e-cigarettes. They provide a very dense vapour. Thanks to their larger battery and their tank which can contain much more e-liquid, the Mods have great autonomy. These are the electronic cigarettes whose manufacturing details are the most careful to date. But E-Mods also have a small drawback because they are quite large so it is practically impossible to go unnoticed while smoking them.

For the average smoker, with an average budget, the ones that would suit them best are the “Pen” models. Quite simply because this type of e-cigarette is relatively interesting in terms of autonomy and price. They provide a limited volume of smoke. They will be ideal for beginners or occasional smokers.

Finally, there is the “eGo”. Equipped with an interchangeable system, these models are made for all categories of smokers. Indeed, all Ego accessories are removable and therefore replaceable by others.

In the case of a heavy smoker, for example, he can use a battery and/or a more efficient atomizer. This system also has the advantage of the personalization of the device possible for each user: colour, design, autonomy… It is the same for the size and weight of this model. An eGo e-cigarette can be slightly larger or a bit smaller than a Mod.

As far as the brand is concerned, it is always better to choose the big brands with serial numbers that are offered by distributors, whether on a website or in a store.

The power, the dimensions, the design, the autonomy, the ease of finding accessories… There are many criteria for choosing an electronic cigarette. Nevertheless, thanks to this article, you will have ideas for choosing this or that model. Find what suits you the most and enjoy smoking while preserving your health.