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There is an impressive number of different e-liquids. Between the variety of possible aromas and flavours, it is above all the nicotine content that then gradually allows you to say stop to tobacco.

E-liquid is a perishable product. As with usual consumer products, it is sold with a deadline that must be respected. You should know that some bad habits can accelerate the process of oxidation of vape e-juices.

Discover all the techniques and tips to keep your e-liquid for longer. 

How long to keep your e-liquid keep all its flavours?

An e-liquid can be kept, in our opinion, for several months before it deteriorates if you keep it in the best conditions. You might doubt it by reading the date indicated on your bottle of e-liquid, however, the date indicated is not the expiry date or DLC, but the date of minimum durability or DDM (which replaces the DLUO – date optimal usage limit).

This date is an indication of the duration during which your e-liquid will be unaltered, after opening. You could also find a DLC, ie the date beyond which the manufacturer no longer guarantees the quality of the unopened e-liquid. Most manufacturers advertise a 2-year DLC. Normally you should have consumed it before.

Storage in an optimal way to keep your e-liquids

Because e-liquids contain Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) associated with aromas, sometimes with water and/or alcohol, nicotine or not, it is advisable to adopt the right steps to store and use them safely. And, for that, there are some rules. 

Store your e-liquids well:

Keep your e-liquid away from heat

Heat affects the molecular behaviour of e-liquid. Too high a temperature leads to an alteration of aromas as well as molecular decomposition. The ideal storage temperature for an e-liquid is between 18 and 20°C. However, if the heat alters the qualities of the e-liquid, the cold, when will have no other effect than to “gel” your e-liquid, you just have to bring it to temperature before you use it so that it regains its fluidity. Thus, you could keep your e-liquids in a cellar, in the refrigerator or even in the freezer because neither nicotine, propylene glycol, nor vegetable glycerin freeze!

Keep your e-liquid away from light

Light and more particularly UV rays degrade e-liquid. UV rays reduce the intensity of aromas and the effectiveness of nicotine. To protect yourself against this, you can put your liquids in opaque containers, or keep them in a place away from daylight or light from fluorescent or halogen lamps. Traditional bulbs will have no impact on the conservation of your e-liquids.

Your e-liquid may change colour after exposure to light. It is the nicotine that oxidizes and turns brown. Classic aromas (classic perfume) or coffee are also particularly sensitive to oxidation.

Keep your e-liquid away from the air

The problem with air is that it allows oxidation. Thus, once opened, your e-liquid bottles will contain a part of the air which can affect the quality of the nicotine and aromas. The easiest way to limit this effect is to use small containers.

If you vape “ready to vape” e-liquids, choose 10ml bottles instead and do not open several at the same time.

If you vape your DIY, nothing prevents you from designing it in large bottles and once the steep is over, you will only have to transfer your preparation into smaller bottles. Similarly, if you prepare several vials in advance, you could make sure to transfer liquid to leave the minimum of air in each of your vials.

Store your DIY e-liquid

It’s quite simple in fact, if you are a fan of DIY – that is to say that you make your e-liquid recipes, the best will be to make your preparation in a large glass bottle and place it under cover. light and in a place where the temperature is between 18 and 20°C. It can be less but try that it does not exceed 20°C. Once the maturation time of your e-liquid has been completed (the steep), transfer your DIY into small bottles (ideally 10ml) in opaque glass.

Leave your opened bottle in a drawer if the temperature does not rise above 20°C

Shake the e-liquid bottle

Before pouring the e-liquid into the clearomiser, it is important to shake it, after having checked that it is well closed.

This then allows the components of the e-liquid to be mixed well with each other and to homogenize the whole.

At the same time, nothing prevents you from mixing different flavours to obtain a personalized e-liquid.  

Store e-liquid out of sight

While e-liquids should be properly stored to preserve their aromatic quality, they should also be stored in an inaccessible place and, if possible, out of the reach of children in particular.

This is why it is advisable to lock the storage location with a key. At the same time, it is important to store the material well to make it also inaccessible under the same conditions as e-liquids.

And, so that the component elements of the electronic cigarette are protected from shocks, there is nothing better than storing it in a specific case.