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The question: what can be poured into an electronic cigarette instead of a liquid, there is a definite answer – nothing.

Is it possible to pour water into an electronic cigarette, and what will come out of it? It is not known for what reasons, but many vapers are concerned about the question whether it is possible to fill an electronic cigarette with water. Vapor will turn out to be slightly expressed. After all, only components such as propylene glycol and glycerin provide a rich silver surfer vaporizer uk. A liquid of poor quality will create a taste of burning. It reflects on the taste of vaping and the absence of flavorings. Most importantly, remember that refilling e-cigarettes with water can lead to the outage of the device.

After all, all its technical parameters are designed to vaporize the liquid with special e-liquid ingredients, not just water alone. Some experimenters also make attempts to fill their devices with alcoholic beverages. This occupation is quite dangerous, because alcohol-containing substances easily burn. That is why such vaping can not only spoil the electronic device, but also cause serious damage to the health of the vaper. The same applies to the addition of other drinks: juices, cola, etc.

Such additives can, at least, lead to the appearance of carbon deposits, and in the worst case to breakdown of the device. Agree that it is much better to buy ready-made e-liquid cheap with top vape flavors you are interested in than buying a new e-cigarette in exchange for your dubious experiments.

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