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16So how can we create a quality free vape juice at home? Read our new issue of e-liquid reviews about how to make the liquid by yourself, or vape flavors diy as an experiment number 1 for vaper. “What does the liquid for electronic cigarettes consist of? The entire liquid base consists of glycerin and propylene glycol. The basis of the liquid can be in different proportions. For example, the most popular ratio of e-liquid ingredients is propylene glycol 50% and glycerin 50%.

Additional components such as e-liquid nicotine and flavors are included. The more propylene glycol we have, the better the top vape flavors, the more glycerin, the more vapor is created. It was a rule beforehand to add distilled water to some liquids, but now none does it. Distilled water was needed for a more liquid formulation, now everything dilutes well with propylene glycol. What do we need for self-preparation of the liquid? First of all, you need to buy a base, that is, glycerol and propylene glycol. These two components can be bought separately.

What volume shall we buy? The volume depends only on how much liquid you want to make. For the first time you can buy 30 ml of glycerin and 30 ml of propylene glycol. This is enough for premium e-cigarettes. It depends on the ratio, you will make the liquid. Online you can find already prepared base with a certain ratio of components. Then you need to buy flavors. In the produced liquids, there can be from 1 to 12 different flavors. The main thing is that the percentage of the aroma should not exceed 25%. Visit different sites with recipes in order to determine what taste to do.