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Online vape marketplaceVape flavors diy, flavors, the process of infusion of liquids, of course, it’s all interesting, but sometimes it happens so that you really need to enjoy the taste of liquid, try premium fruit juice brands, in which there are hidden several e-liquid ingredients to guess. Nevertheless, the companies producing premium liquids have long studied the technology, mastered new equipment that allows making delicious top vape flavors in the shortest possible time.

At home, no matter how hard you try, it’s still difficult to get a quality product, if you do not have enough experience: then the basis is not the one, then you can lose the flavor, in general, whatever one may say, but premium fluid is still needed, even though occasionally pamper yourself. Vampire Vape is a company that has been in the Online vape marketplace for premium liquids for a long time, they have several vape juice brands list, which we will talk about today with you and even try to figure out what they have with the main constituent components.

Each liquid is offered in 50 milliliter bottles with protective caps from children. Each bottle meets all TPD requirements. After you receive the goods from the company, you will only have to shake the bottle, wait a while and you can start with vapor. A special plus for those who love a huge amount of vapor, since the base of the liquid is 80 by 20 VG / PG, respectively. So, now let’s get down to acquaintance with the most top tastes from the line KonceptXIX Shortfill.

The liquid called “Heisenberg” opens our rating. So, here we have a berry mix with a distinct bright note at the entrance and with menthol at the exit. Initially, it is possible to distinguish this crimson note mixed with sweet blueberry. At the output of lactose with a menthol flavor, a very interesting liquid that deserves special attention.

Poley Rolly.

Taste of real magic in one bottle. Fresh jam and custard are the first thoughts after the first time you try this liquid. At the entrance you get a delicious sweet jam and biscuit, and at the output clearly noticeable notes of vanilla custard, in order to try all the components of the liquid you need to be a real taster.

A fruit combination that can blow your brain. The thing is that in fact you practically do not feel any taste, you feel it more precisely, but the doubts remain which can be lost when determining the main components, it just needs to be tried. There is a hint of a watermelon and maybe a blackcurrant, and then everyone is looking for something that can be found in this mix.