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doozy vape golden elixir

doozy vape golden elixirAnother recipe of top vape flavors from the GrandMaster liquid line. This is one of the best e-liquid brands, which are available in the e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale.

FIVE PAWNS Grandmaster has mild and oily e-liquid flavors of peanut butter and a banana with caramel and cream tints.

At lower volts, the taste of a fragrant and ripe banana stands out, while at higher volts, all the flavors dance around, changing one another in a bright rainbow of taste. Having tried this perfect and uniquely complex taste palette for once, you will want to return to it again and again, to once again plunge into this unforgettable sensation, enticing its uniqueness. Grandmaster is guaranteed to hit any vaper with its brightness and versatility, which will attract others, wherever you are.

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doozy vape golden elixir