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Juul compatible pods

We will tell you about the Juul compatible pods, namely 4x PODS.

4x PODS Blue Blackberry Pods are Juul compatible pods with berry flavors. They have sour tart notes. In the mouth, a sweetish aftertaste remains. The smell does not irritate others, does not remain on clothes and hair.

Forest berry taste will appeal to lovers of sweet and sour fruit liquids. It goes well with a cup of black or green tea.

4x PODS Blue Blackberry Pods have a nicotine salt composition. Include 4 Juul compatible pods with 1 ml of liquid in each pod.

4x PODS Variety is a set of four different-taste juul compatible pods. Each one is distinguished by its unusual range of sensations. There are two flavors that allow you to go back to childhood – sour berry marmelades and chewing gum. And also the set includes two fruit and berry flavors – grapes and blackberries. Both grapes and blackberries have sweet-sour notes. This variety will appeal to absolutely everyone.

Manufacturers have created a mix that will allow every day to experience a new range of taste and smell.

The combination of acid and sweet creates a harmonious, rich taste and smell. Feelings from vaping can be compared with the way you drink grape juice. You can taste your favorite berry at any time of the year.

Manufacturers have created a decent copy of berry flavor, which does not bother with time and is suitable for daily vaping.

4x PODS Grape Juul compatible pods are excellent in the morning and combined with your favorite drinks.

One pod is enough for 250 puffs. It contains salt nicotine.

4x PODS Mango Peach Pineapple are Juul compatible pods with mango, peach and fruit mix tastes. The lovers of tropical flavors will love this. One pod can be equated to one pack of cigarettes.

4x PODS Mango Peach Pineapple are juul compatible pods with saline nicotine in the composition. One pod contains 1 ml of liquid, which is enough for 250 puffs.

4x PODS Raspberry Mint Lemonade is an unusual combination of mint, raspberry and lemonade. This combination brings the bather to the atmosphere of summer, beach and

parties Peppermint creates a refreshing cool feeling. Strawberry

has a pleasant aroma and sweet taste. All this is complemented

lemonade and creates a unique combination.

4x PODS Raspberry Mint Lemonade is a set of 4 Juul compatible pods, each containing 1 ml of liquid.