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iQos Heets Amber

Recently, it was profitable to order IQOS Heets Amber abroad, but now it is worthier to shop online.

For example, several years ago, Swiss consumers purchased IQOS Heets Amber in Germany and France. Shopping in neighboring regions of Germany and France has long been a part of the life of Swiss residents. And this is understandable: high prices in the Confederation do not only exceed the cost of traveling abroad, but even allow you to save significantly. For those who do not want to break away from their affairs in the Confederation, online stores to shop IQOS Heets Amber are invented.

In Switzerland you can often hear the expression “high price island” (in German it is just one word “Hochpreisinsel”). Relatively low prices in neighboring countries encourage the Swiss to go on the so-called “shopping tourism”, which means buying IQOS Heets Amber sticks, food, clothing, household goods, etc. in Germany and France.

With the development of electronic commerce, Swiss residents did not even have to personally go to Germany and France to shop: everything can be bought in electronic stores on the Internet; the long-awaited purchase will be delivered a little later by mail.

Not only the low price of goods in Germany alone attracts residents of Switzerland. There is another pleasant surprise: when buying goods in Germany, Swiss residents can count on the return of German value added tax (VAT). Given that the VAT in Germany is as much as 19%, the “tax discount” is very decent (even if you need to pay the Swiss VAT – more on that below).

How often did German VAT return when shopping online in Germany

Unfortunately, there are no general statistics on online purchases of Swiss residents in Germany. Nevertheless, some guidelines can offer data from the customs department of Lörrach, which processed about 5.2 million parcels in 2014.

But online shopping should not be focused on webshops of neighboring countries only. Our online shop is internationally active and can offer you the most positive pricing that can be found anywhere.