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What component of E-Cigarette’s liquids is considered the most harmful

What component of E-Cigarette's liquids is considered the most harmful

Besides nicotine (or lack of it) typically a liquid for e-cigarette consists of propylene glycol (about 55%), edible vegetable glycerine (about 35%), water (about 10%) and flavorings. Glycerol – contained in e-liquids doesn’t cause any questions, it is harmless and is used in many foods and medicinal droppers. Propylene glycol is also harmless, but may have an individual intolerances causing allergic reactions, then it is necessary to select only glycerol liquid (80% glycerol and 20% water).

E-liquid flavorings – this is what causes the most questions about the dangers of e-cigarettes. E-liquid flavorings happens to be a natural, identical to natural or chemical. With natural flavor all is clear – it is isolated from biological products (like plants, vegetables, etc). Identical to natural – are created artificially, but consists of the same components and in the same proportions as those natural, are harmless, these two types of flavorings do not produce no harmful elements.

Chemical E-liquid flavorings are produced from chemical compounds, exactly they provoke controversy. The fact is that five years ago, almost all manufacturers added to flavorings diacetyl, around which appeared fierce disputes of doctors and scientists, despite the fact that it is widely used in the food industry: the inhalation of diacetyl vapors can lead to a complex lung disease – bronchiolitis obliterans, which cause a sharp decline in breathing capacity of the lungs, or simply shortness of breath.

It is necessary to specify that researches about the dangers of liquids for e-cigarettes were not carried out. All disputes are based on the testimony of medical examinations of popcorn factories workers, surrounded by diacetyl vapors on an industrial scale. However, large and respected manufacturers of e-liquids, for several years practically ceased to add diacetyl in their products, separately indicating the presence of it in flavors, where it can’t be excluded. Basically it is present in “pastry” flavors – for example, “apple pie”, “Tiramisu”, “Toffee”, “maple syrup”, “Condensed milk”. In any case, the fact that the electronic cigarette is much less harmful than tobacco is the fact.