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Vaping Accessories - KitsWhen checking the top vape juice brands list, we’d better start with the e-cigarette brand Joyetech, which is one of the best e-juice brands. The Joyetech e-juice has dozens of flavors. Except, Joyetech consistently produces Vaping Accessories – Kits, such as eVic Primo, Cuboid, UNIMAX, eVic AIO, eGo ONE, Atopack Penguin, eVic VT, etc., which are all produced by Joyetech Shenzhen.

Joyetech Shenzhen (Joytec, China, Shenzhen) is one of the world e-juice wholesale suppliers of e-cigarettes and accessories, which are protected by the brand Joyetech created in 2007. The company motto is “Joy Life with E-technologies”.

The company was founded in December, 2007 in Shenzhen (China). Owing to the desire to improve the quality of electronic cigarette, the revolutionary electronic cigarette model Joye 510 was launched in September 2008. In October 2009, a completely new model Joye eGo was developed, which resolved the problems of the volume of the cartridge and the capacity of the battery, which allowed using e-cigarettes without refueling or recharging. In 2010, Joyetech launches a revolutionary electronic cigarette Joye eGo-T with a direct supply of liquid to the atomizer, which hit the market of electronic cigarettes. After the release of Joye eGo-T, Joyetech Company turned into the leader of the market of electronic cigarettes. In 2011, the Joyetech eGo-C model with interchangeable atomizers was introduced, which nowadays still remains the leader among the entire range of similar products. In all models of new generation, an identical system of replaceable atomizers (evaporators) is used.

Since December 2012, Joyetech has been producing the own e-liquid brands and to create an own vape juice brands list. The list is presented by about 51 top vape flavors (including e-liquid nicotine and fruit e-liquid flavors). During the following year and up to the present, Joyetech constantly produces new models of e-cigarettes for both beginners and experienced vapers.