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Great news that will increase the e-juice flavor concentrate wholesale. The results of a study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine show that electronic cigarettes do not harm health. Scientists, after studying the body state of volunteers have not found mortal accumulation of toxic in their blood.

At the first stage of the study, scientists analyzed the composition of saliva and urine of “professional” smokers of both electronic and usual cigarettes. In the future, experts compared the composition of these liquids, taking as a basis several key chemical compounds.

Five groups of volunteers participated in the study. The 1st group consisted of smokers who have been smoking for a long time. The 2nd group consisted of ex-smokers who have not been smoking about 6 months. The group 3 consisted of the persons who pass the nicotine replacement therapy who smoke electronic cigarettes, but do not consume them frequently. The 4th and 5th groups consisted of users of both e-cigs and ordinary cigarettes.

As it turned out, the health progress was evident by researching the persons who quit smoking and begin using e-liquid brands.

The head of the research, Lion Shahab, stated: “Our study confirms the view that electronic cigarettes are much safer than smoking. Presumably, long-term use of cigarette substitutes is not too dangerous for a person.”

What did he mean as cigarette substitutes? For sure, small devices, containing cheap premium vape juice.

The leaders of the research believe that e-cigarettes can be a reasonable solution for the people who want to quit smoking.

No doubt, this research will be a great support for e-liquid wholesale distributors and cause a number of ideas to promote the best e-juice brands.

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Online vape platform for vape manufacturers