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L88B E-Cigarette – Types


An L88B e-cigarette may use either a three-part design including a battery, atomizer and disposable cartridge or a two-part design including a battery and cartomizer.

The great majority of the products in this category currently use cartomizers. However, several companies are still marketing L88B e-cigarettes with disposable cartridges. But an expert wouldn’t strongly recommend buying them because they just don’t function for a long time. Cartomizers — cartridges of liquid with built-in heating coils are sold at a higher price but are much safer. Cartomizers designed for the L88B e-cigarette contain about .8 ml of liquid, which is less than the 1 ml that cartomizers created for the 510 e-cigarette can contain.

You can also use an L88B e-cigarette for dripping by buying a drip tip made for L88B or 306 atomizers. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with this; every L88B battery is an automatic battery with an airstream hole in the atomizer connection. If you drip with an automatic battery, you risk e-liquid penetrating into that hole, which will gradually ruin the battery.

If you would like dripping – better buy an e-cigarette created for dripping such as the eGo or stick with cartomizers.