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Juul pods uk sets

Juul pods ukJuul pods UK offers are now an everyday reality.

A JUUL pods UK set includes the most popular closed-type POD system developed by the American company Juul Labs. The company was founded by two students who studied design at Stanford and in 2015 they launched the Juul. The kit was designed with an eye on smokers, providing them with a simple and very easy-to-use nicotine consumption system, based on interchangeable cartridges with different flavors.

At the moment of its appearance on the market, this set actually represented a new generation of devices for nicotine saturation – before it, among the novice users on the market, various types of eGo devices were in demand. Juul, in comparison with them, was an absolutely space device both in terms of ease of operation and in terms of appearance – knowing about the design education of the company’s founders, this moment was one of the cornerstones of the development of the set.

Structurally, the device is a classic Juul pods UK system, consisting of two key parts – a battery pack and a liquid cartridge, which contains the entire evaporation part of the device;

The battery part of the device is a cross between a conventional flash drive and a cigarette lighter in size – a small rectangular battery pack inside which the battery is located at 200 mAh capacity. The volume of the battery may seem small, but it should be remembered that the device’s cartridges are filled with liquid based on salt nicotine, the strength of which will not allow the liquid to be destroyed in industrial volumes and this battery capacity will last long enough;

On the case of the device there is an LED display. It is activated when installed in the battery cartridge cartridge, showing the willingness to work, and also indicates the level of battery charge. A small but pleasant feature – to check the battery charge, you need to quickly quickly tap your finger on the device’s body, a sort of double-tap gesture, which we use every day when using a smartphone. After that, the LED will show the battery charge level – if the color is green, then the charge is above 50%, if yellow – above 25%, if red – the device is recommended to be set to charge.