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IQOS HeatSticks system for heating tobacco

IQOS HeatSticks is a system for heating tobacco, which less than five years ago forced many people to talk about it. This development of Philip Morris was the subject of active discussions among smokers, and the gadget itself was called revolutionary. “Have you tried IQOS HeatSticks yet? Why?” – We often heard such a question from colleagues. It so happened that those of my colleagues who used to smoke cigarettes, at some point, abandoned them and switched to a less harmful gadget for heating the body. An example of colleagues did not pass us by: having tried a new IQOS HeatSticks device, we no longer wanted to give it up.

The first impression, even before testing, is very pleasant. The discreet premium design of the box in which the device is carefully packed immediately makes a good impression. We think it will appeal to lovers of any quality gadgets: packaging, of course, plays a role. The device itself is made of soft-touch plastic, comfortable in the hand.

The latest version of IQOS HeatSticks is called IQOS 3. According to the developers, this model has become more “fast” and “powerful”. Visually, you can immediately notice the new design: this device has become even more stylish and noticeably narrower. The case is covered with a nice matte soft-touch paint. In addition to the classic white and black, gold and blue also appeared. Colleagues immediately noticed: in addition to the “golden” smartphone, the new color fits perfectly. For this reason, it can be a harmonious addition to your favorite gadgets. IQOS 3 looks much more concise and more pleasant than its predecessors.

to hear about the convenience of the device is one thing, and to see this for yourself in practice is quite another. The thing is that at the first use we did not even have to read the instructions. The emphasis on intuitive use was obvious: we took out a stick, inserted it into the holder. This should be done carefully so that the stick contacts the heating element inside the holder. The readiness of the device is reported by the flashing button and double holder vibration. That’s all! Very simple.