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HQD burst into the market with its Juul alternative vape devices

Disposable devices have always been considered something simple, boring and something frivolous.
HQD with its Cuvie Juul alternative vape devices loudly burst into the market and forced to reckon with the format, surprising experienced vapers and arousing interest among beginners
The device has a high nicotine content, which at low power resembles a puff of a regular cigarette, helping to get rid of cigarette addiction.
HQD Cuvie Juul alternative vape devices are the best disposable electronic cigarettes with salt nicotine. Compact, simple devices that have excellent taste transfer, a large assortment of tastes and fast saturation with nicotine.

The HQD Cuvie disposable electronic cigarette has a battery capacity of 280mAh, weighs 12 grams, holds 1.25 ml of liquid on nicotine salt and allows up to 300 puffs. Nicotine content: 50mg (5%) per 1ml. Equipped with integrated puff sensor.

The manufacturer promises 300 puffs, which lasts for several days. These Juul alternative vape devices device help to give up cigarettes, you need to use it instead of smoke breaks, saturation is achieved after a few puffs, you should not abuse it! Be careful, in cold weather (even in small) the battery may run out faster. Try to use the device less in cold weather.
In addition, we consider this device as an option to inexpensively evaluate the capabilities of Juul alternative vape devices, practically without spending money on it.
Among the variety, everyone can find something to their taste, ease of use without charging, changing cartridges, etc. Suitable for any users. After the liquid finishes, HQD stops working, preventing a strong burning sensation.

HQD CUVIE comes in matt coated cardboard boxes. The color of the design depends on the selected mix and hints at its focus. The front side shows the ingredients involved, as well as the device itself. Nearby write directions to the nicotine fortress, as well as the name. Below is a major warning. On the side faces there are markings and marks “18+”. On the reverse side are precautions, device specifications, legal data and a barcode. There is also a sticker to check the originality of the device.