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Have you ever asked that very question why JUUL is so prevalent? Their cartridges are not refillable, the plan of the gadget takes after a USB memorystick and the flavors accessible are exceptionally constrained and costly. In any case, this prevalent US brand tripled its deals in 2018 and they have extended their deals to numerous other nations. Everyone knows almost JUUL, much obliged to the company accepting enormous money related venture amid 2017/18 and bounty of favorable audits for the item and the company’s JUUL pods.

JUUL is presently formally accessible within the UK as well. But in some specific way JUUL isn’t Really the best gadget in its category either.

What makes these pod system so well known at that point? Not beyond any doubt how to reply this question, but if you’re searching for the leading JUUL elective for 2019, at that point you’ve come to the correct put! We’ve compiled a list of the most excellent best Juul alternative that are worth attempting.

IPHA Zing Pod System

Have you ever experienced a awful dry hit? This regularly happens once you disregard to refill your vape on time and there’s no juice cleared out. IPHA as of late created a basic and compact pod mod highlighting dry hit assurance.
Hotcig Kubi Pod System

The foremost appealing highlight of this gadget is interior the unit. The Hotcig Kubi Unit Pack is extraordinarily outlined for nic salts and e-liquid with tall nicotine quality but, not at all like other pod systems, this one has ceramic coils.
MOUU Cliq Pod System

Have you ever checked interior part of your mouth-piece and seen all the dirt? On the off chance that you’re feeling appalled by that, and then let us tell you merely won’t be breathing in any more miniaturized scale tidy and other sorts of who-knows-what with this gadget!

The Suorin Edge Case System snaps up the fourth spot on our list much obliged to its cutting edge and smooth plan and great execution.

The VOOPOO DRAG Nano Pod System takes the fifth spot in our list much appreciated to its profoundly progressed GENE Pod Chipset and incredible construct quality.

We would be exceptionally happy on the off chance that this list can assist you discover high-quality best Juul alternative. In any case, we ought to concede that there are so numerous options to the Juul in the branche presently.