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Atomizers: the vape is also a lot of wind

Or more exactly a matter of airflow. In the discovery phase, you will also be tempted to try different types of atomizers.

Looking for what will suit you to quit smoking…

The sensation you are looking for is then the result of several parameters:

  • the hit (tingling in the throat);
  • the draw (more or less aerial);
  • the temperature of the steam, more or less hot;
  • the volume of vapour produced.

Keep in mind that a good vape is a point of balance, what we call the “sweet spot”. These four parameters cannot, therefore, be isolated, they are interdependent and all four influence the overall sensation that you will obtain.

Equipment evolution

Last year was marked by the arrival of consumer atomizers equipped with an airflow control system. And it is also quite natural that all modern atomizers today tend to offer airflows with increasingly large capacities, even on consumer clearomizers.

For beginners, as well as the most experienced, this is a major development that had already been adopted on many rebuildable atomizers, intended more for advanced users. This democratization of airflow control is a blessing for those who seek to lower their nicotine levels and overcome the sensations that conventional cigarettes gave them.

The lower the value of your resistance, the more air you will need to supply to cool it, and the more your atomizer will produce a large volume of vapour. But be careful, because who says big airflow and low resistance, also says a loss in terms of flavour restitution.

Manage air to lower nicotine

In addition to the volume of vapour and the cooling of your atomizer, which both depend directly on the airflow, it is also your nicotine dosage that will be seriously impacted. This is a mechanical effect well known to vapers who practice drippers, and reconstructable atomizers without a tank: a lower resistance value coupled with greater airflow, will result in a drastic reduction in your nicotine consumption.

Drippers which are atomizers regularly offering a much greater airflow than a reservoir atomizer are very popular with people who like to obtain a large volume of vapour. A dripper lover who previously vaped on a 12 mg nicotine clearomiser will generally find his account with a nicotine concentration divided by 2, i.e. 6 mg.

Ask for advice!

If you are new to vaping, an atomizer, even non-rebuildable, equipped with an airflow adjustment is, therefore, an excellent choice. Do not hesitate to ask your retailer to guide you on the subject because the airflow on an atomizer is not just wind, it is a leading parameter to accompany you in your tobacco withdrawal.