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A model inspires to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices

buy Juul competitors Pod DevicesThe vape VooPoo Alpha Zip Kit attracts those who wish to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices, first of all, with its design. Its side panels are made of steel, and they are engraved with fine workmanship. The device is powered by two 18650 batteries, producing up to 180 watts of power. Informative display informs about all the parameters of the device.

The complete tank holds 4 ml of liquid, has a top filling and is equipped with a powerful blowing system.
At this pace, Voopoo starter kits will soon catch up in size and weight, or even overtake analog cigarettes, causing the desire to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices. Judge: the thickness of the device is 7 mm and its weight is 14 grams. Alpha Zip Pod comes with a preinstalled cartridge, a charging cable is also included.

You might think that with such a small weight, the device is undoubtedly entirely plastic, but not, on the contrary, the case is completely aluminum, at the base it is signed by the manufacturer’s brand, and on top of some models (green and silver) there is a decorative engraving in the form of arrows , or model name that inspires to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices. In total, there are six colors in the system, except for those mentioned: black, bronze, blue, red. The dimensions of the Voopoo Alpha Zip Pod Kit starter kit allow you to vape it without hands, that is, just like a cigarette, which is true, the main merit of this non-button control system based on a pressure sensor that understands when you drag on and this moment supplies power to the coil.

The built-in 250 mAh battery is also a significant capacity, given the thickness of the Alpha Zip Pod of 7 mm. In any case, the batteries are enough to completely evaporate the cartridge (1 ml), and you will do it on average in a day or two, depending on the type of nicotine used in the vapor mixture: regular or saline, because the saturation from the salt is several times greater.
Light as a feather, easy to learn, ideal starter kit for a beginner, causes a desire to buy Juul competitors Pod Devices.